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How To Radically Change Your Ex-partners Mind About The Breakup
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How to Radically Change Your Ex-partners Mind About the Breakup

I want to share with you some of the most powerful tips I've learned from talking to other couples, who've gotten together again after a breakup. This will help you radically change your ex's mind about the breakup.

What happens when someone breaks up with you or rejects you from a relationship is that they say they don't want to be with you - they don't want your love anymore. But the truth is, EVERYONE wants to be liked, or loved. Even your partner/ex who has rejected you.

They still want you to like them. That's human nature.

So, if up to this point you have been the one chasing them, which is completely normal, here is what I recommend you do:

1. Suddenly turn the situation around.

If you've been chasing after your ex, suddenly give them a bit of a cold shoulder, not too much. But just increase the distance between you and your partner.

So suddenly instead of calling and texting them all the time, stop doing that. Give them nothing for a week or two.

This suddenly makes them think, and wonder, because they've been getting all this attention from you that's suddenly gone. They will start to be curious about what's going on. That's what you want. Now you don't want to stay in this stage for too long, because eventually they will move on if you do.

2. Plant a seed in their mind to kick them into action.

Send them a letter, either email or handwritten (suggested handwritten because it's more personal and won't get lost).

In this letter say: "I apologize for everything that's happened. I agree with you about the breakup, I'm fine with it. I hope we can catch up again some time in the future."

That's all you need to say, just keep it simple. You can say anything friendly that you want, such as "good luck with your exams," but do not mention anything romantic. Just keep it friendly.

After you send the letter, just wait, give them time to read it and potentially contact you. If they don't contact you right away, that's fine - but most people will contact you.

Now you've planted that seed in their mind, that they're wondering why you're fine with the breakup.

In many cases, this alone can get your ex back, and get them to start contacting you because they can't stand being apart anymore. But sometimes they will need additional persuasion to come back to you, especially if your breakup ended messily.

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