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How To Save Your Relationship - Do You Have What It Takes?
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Before you start to take steps on how to save your relationship you need to ask yourself if the relationship is worth saving.

A good relationship requires a lot of hard ongoing work by both parties. As you come closer to learning how to save your relationship you realize that much effort is needed by both parties. Are you both willing to put in the effort?

Learning how to save your relationship can be quite a learning curve. Having taken the necessary steps to learn what is required you now need to try and determine what the problems are in the relationship.

This in itself can be tricky because most people may view their partner’s action as the problem but in reality the action is covering up the real problem. Confused? Here is an example. You find out your partner is having an affair. Most people would consider the affair to be the problem in your relationship. However when you dig deeper, the affair happened because of issues with lack of intimacy in the relationship.

When you think about how to save your relationship you realize that identifying the true problem is crucial. Once you both know what is causing the friction in the relationship then it is time for the real work to begin.

The next steps will not be easy. Now you need to both sit down and really share your thoughts with your partner. Verbalizing your emotions to your partner is not an easy task especially when these emotions are in such a state of turmoil. Also listening to your partner’s concerns about the relationship is not easy either. Sitting there and actually listening without interrupting will be difficult but it will be a good start as to how to save your relationship. You need to understand that they are saying these things not to hurt you but to hopefully save your relationship.

After you have determined what the actual problems have been in your relationship you may think you know how to save your relationship. Coming up with a plan of action to resolve these issues would be a good place to start. Try to plan these actions around what one of the issues is in the relationship. For example, if you have identified that communication is an issue affecting your relationship set aside time everyday to sit and actually have a conversation with your partner. Stick to the plan.

There are many issues that couples face in their relationship. As you ponder on how to save your relationship you realize it is going to be a lot of hard work. Remember also that the hard work is ongoing. A relationship is only as good as the hard work that you and your partner put into it on a daily basis.

As you think of different ways on how to save your relationship remember be slow to blame and be quick to apologize!

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