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How To Win Back An Ex Boyfriend - This Way!
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How To Win Back An Ex Boyfriend  -  This Way!

If you've ever experienced a breakup previously, you're well aware of how complicated, messy and emotional they can be. This time you want to know how to win back an ex boyfriend and you believe whole-heartedly that your relationship really has a shot of working out long-term. From here, it's a matter of making the right decisions - ones that will lead you in the right direction and not make an already difficult process worse. Unfortunately when it comes to relationship repair there isn't a learning curve. You don't get points for trying. One mistake can completely erase your chances of winning back an ex boyfriend for good. That's why having a plan is absolutely essential - and this three-step plan is designed to get you moving in the right direction.

Step 1 - Keep Your Breakup as Clean As Possible:

No matter what your relationship was like before the breakup you need to make every effort to maintain your demeanor now. You don't want to find yourself in an endless cycle of blame, anger, shouting matches and tearful apologies. To keep it as simple as possible you need to do two things immediately following the end of your relationship.

- Realize it's over

A lot of people find it easier to tap dance around the line of denial. They hear the truth of what their ex is saying, but it's not really penetrating the surface. They believe (incorrectly) that by essentially sticking their fingers in their ears and humming their favorite song they can act like the breakup never happened at all. That kind of behavior is detrimental to the rest of the process. Like it or not, it happened. Now the focus is on you - what are you going to do about it?

- Cut Communication Completely

The next step is often a difficult one to grasp and an even harder one to stick to. It's a hard habit to get over when you're used to talking to this person at every available moment. Cutting contact is a hard but required aspect of the win-him-back plan. Without it, he'll never have some time on his own to realize that not having you around isn't what he pictured - and that he misses you. That's why removing yourself from the picture for a while is going to end up being in your best interest. Bite the bullet and delete his number - even though it hurts like hell, you're going to be glad you did.

Step 2 - Revamp Your Own Image:

If free time up until this point has been rare at best, you now have an overabundance of it. Instead of just attaching yourself to the television and catching up on all of the shows your ex never wanted to watch with you, go out and be productive. Sitting at home alone can spell disaster when you're trying to enforce a no-contact plan. It's best to stay active - and that means physically and mentally.

It's time to get up and dust off your gym membership card. Physical activity is one of nature's most practical anti-depressants and it's guaranteed to help you feel better emotionally and physically. By burning off all of those calories and working up a sweat you're reaping the benefits that will send your self-esteem skyrocketing. Kick it up a few notches and take a fitness class or two. No matter what you do, stay active and keep your attention fixated on the prize - not the process.

Step 3 - Ask for Assistance:

If you're one of those people that have difficulty telling others what you want or need, you're not alone. Vocalizing emotional needs can be a very intimidating task, especially when you pride yourself on your independence. Whether you recognize it or not, you're not alone. All of your friends and family are standing by just waiting for the chance to help. They know how you're feeling and they've been there before. Now is the time to let the healing in - and that means opening yourself up to receiving comfort. It's out there for the taking whenever you're ready.

These three steps are going to propel you forward and put you way ahead of the curve. Not only are you in a positive frame of mind, but you've taken an active role in your own destiny and regained a lot of your spunk that was deflated by the negative aspects of being dumped. If you think that your ex hasn't been paying attention, you couldn't be more wrong. The wheels in his head have been turning. The more you focus on yourself and not on keeping an eye on what he's up to, the more attractive you're becoming. You're behaving in a way that he never expected - with respect and determination. It won't be long until he's reaching out and making contact with you. All you have to do is be ready to answer the phone and let your natural light shine.

Your Next Steps

To win back an ex boyfriend you need to be aware of the male mind and how it works. Men and women think differently, so you cannot approach the situation a way that you naturally would, you have to put yourself in his shoes. That is why you need to avoid these breakup mistakes if you are to stand any hope of winning back your ex boyfriend. You also need to read his body language to know where you stand. Reading the signs he still loves you will be a good start for you on this journey.

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