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How To Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back Again - Top Rules
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How To Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back Again  -  Top Rules

If you've just been dumped by your now-ex-boyfriend, you're going to be looking for all the help you can get to win your ex boyfriend back again. You're in luck. Despite all the advice you may be getting from your friends or all the handy revenge tips available in magazines and online, you can turn the breakup on its head - and it is possible to win an ex boyfriend back.

You need to act quickly and intelligently. Making snap judgments are not going to give you the huge payoff you're looking for. Instead of waiting for a magic potion to show up via friendly dwarf like a Disney fairy tale, read up on your options. Don't just make the first move - make the smart move. You may be surprised at how much it helps your chances in the end.

Give Yourself Permission to Play

It can be hard to get back into the swing of things after a breakup but it's a vital part of the process if you want to use jealousy to your advantage. No guy wants to watch his ex-girlfriend move on without him. His pride has probably given him the impression that he was responsible for your happiness and that finding it without him will take a long time. Show him how wrong he was - about a lot of things he believed. Throw yourself into life and live it up to the fullest. He's going to hear about it from mutual friends and you're going to be a part of his thoughts in a big way.

Build Yourself Up

Falling to pieces is a part of the breakup process, but it's not one that will get you any closer to your ex-boyfriend. Instead of tearing yourself down and finding all of your flaws, look at the positive. You're a confident, attractive and humorous woman - all of those things just got lost in the shuffle when he broke up with you. They're not gone for good. The faster you can uncover them and bring them to light, the faster you can guarantee that your ex is going to take notice. After all, that's the girl he fell in love with. It would be impossible for him not to notice - or play it off like it doesn't matter. It does matter - to him and a lot other guys as well.

Show Yourself Off and Spark Interest from Others

With your new and renewed attitude fully in place, you're going to be getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex. You could probably take your pick out of a whole host of suitors and if you rejoin the dating pool again, your ex is going to be forced to take note. Whether or not the idea of getting you back had crossed his mind before, it's certainly crawling around his head now. He probably never imagined that you'd start seeing someone new and he won't be prepared for the realization that he might have watched you walk out of his life for good.

Work on Renewal

Working out and getting in shape is one of the best ways to take your mind off of a bad breakup - and it's a great time to plan your next moves. With every step you take on that treadmill, you're getting closer to having your ex-boyfriend right back where you want him - next to you and in your arms again. He was attracted to you from the very beginning and it's a great time to remind him why. Show up in a brand new dress and watch his jaw hit the floor at how incredible you look. Nothing is going to pick up your spirits like seeing him ogle you the way he used to.

Forget a Friendship

If you sincerely want a renewed, romantic relationship with your ex-boyfriend and to get him back, then the friendship route is not going to help you. While it may be possible to move from romance to friendship, going the other way around is a lot more difficult - if not downright impossible. You don't want your ex free to see any girl that catches his eye while you're left sitting on the sidelines. Take a proactive approach and tell him that friendship simply isn't an option. If he's expecting you to just go along with his idea, he's got another think coming.

Show Him You're not Waiting By the Phone

If you really want your ex-boyfriend to start sweating, don't answer the phone when he calls you for the first time. Show him that he somehow lost the control of this situation by taking the power back yourself. While you can't control his choices and actions, you can control yours and there is no rule on the books that say that you have to answer the phone before it ever has a chance to ring. By allowing the call to be picked up by voicemail, you're letting him know where he stands - and that means he's going to have to work at it to get you back on his side.

Take a While to Reconcile

As hard as it may be to avoid starting a relationship right away, you need to allow it to grow over time. Face the reality that things ended for a reason and going back to the way things used to be does nothing to resolve any of those lingering issues. You and your ex need to have some conversations that may not be easy but they will be the foundation for a successful, lasting relationship.

If you have reached the stage of winning back your ex boyfriend it doesn't necessarily mean that you will keep him. If you rush things it could spell disaster for you so please take your time and move slowly.

Your Next Steps

Your work is not done because you have to understand some things about male psychology. Your first port of call is to make him want you back. Nothing is going to change if he doesn't want you, so you have to make this happen. You should also be aware of signs he still likes you. Your ex boyfriend will be giving off signals about the way he really feels so you have to spot them.

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