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I Want To Get Her Back - How To Make It Happen
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I Want To Get Her Back  -  How To Make It Happen

There is nothing that stings like rejection and the pain of a broken heart. You can reverse this situation however and get her back if you really want to. All that it takes is a little know how and patience.

Think About What Went Wrong

The first thing that you have to do is to take a step back and think about the reasons she may have broken up with you. It is not a pleasant experience to sit through these kind of things and pick them apart, but it is a necessary step in the healing process. You do have to know what went wrong in the first place so that you can work on these things to build a better relationship in the future.

Maybe you think that things were going along fine and you were happy with your relationship. Try to look at things from her perspective though. She may have been trying to drop hints in the weeks and days leading up to the break up. Try to think about what she said or any clues that she may have given up that would have suggested she was unhappy.

Think About Your Own Behaviour

Now that you have taken some time to consider what happened and why, you will have to look at your own behaviour after the break up. Did you say or do things that might have been construed as childish or vindictive to your ex girlfriend? There isn't much that you can do about this now, but as long as you know that you should try to restrain yourself from being angry in future. Of course you are entitled to be mad and hurt and resentful when you have been dumped, you do have to understand though that your ex girlfriend will see you in a negative way if you continue such behaviour.

The same goes for stalking behaviour. This is a common mistake that guys make after they have been dumped. You must realise how it will look to her though. She will start to feel unsafe and perturbed about your actions. Not only will this make her see you as creepy, it will push her even further away from you and she will be only too glad that she made the decision to break things off in the first place. You want to improve her opinion of you, not the opposite.

Have Some Self Respect

Another key thing that you should be doing after the break up is to retain your composure and your dignity. Nothing will pique her interest as much as when you don't seem that bothered about the break up after all. This will surprise her and she will begin wondering why. Strange as female psychology may be, this sudden lack of interest on your part will spark the opposite reaction in her. She will sit up and take notice of you again and want to know why you are okay with things.

When she sees that you value yourself it will likewise improve her opinion of you too. Girls are attracted to guys that are strong and have self confidence. You don't want to come across in an arrogant way of course, but you can take steps to make her think positively of you. A lot of this has to do with knowing your own self worth first. Be composed and be firm in your resolve and she will soon see a change in you and react to it.

Become Attractive To Her

Having self respect is also a highly attractive move and something that is very effective. Her desire for you will start to grow again as she changes her mind about you and thinks about if she made the right decision to break up with you. It is at times like these that you should be starting to notice her trying to get your attention again. Look out for lingering looks from her, texts to ask how you are or pointed questions about what you are up to. This is when you will know that she misses you and wants to insert you back in her life in some way.

Your Next Step

That is not all you have to do of course, I wish it was as simple as that. These are just simple tips to get you started with. You must go into the female psyche a lot more and learn to dissect their body language and behaviour. There are also excellent Facebook strategies that you can implement to make her crazy about you again and these have been proven to work wonders for guys. You can use these techniques too to get her back. First off it would be a good idea to ask yourself "does ex want me back?" When you learn to read the signs you will have a better idea of where you stand.

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