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Is My Ex Still Interested? How To Make Them Interested
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Is My Ex Still Interested? How To Make Them Interested

Asking yourself "is my ex still interested"? If so, you are confused right now and don't really know where you stand with your ex. This is normal as emotions can get out of control after a break up. Your ex could be playing their cards very close to their chest because they don't want to get hurt again. They could even be pretending that they hate you or that you don't matter to them at all.

Don't take this behaviour at face value because it rarely means that your ex has moved on. Remember that their egos and self protection are at play here. They are not likely to admit that they still like you or that they are interested, are they?

Instead your ex will be exhibiting certain signs that they are still interested in you. Take a look at some of the key signs below and ask yourself if your ex is doing any of these things. If they are then you have a good chance of getting back together if you take the right path and respond in an effective way.

They Contact You Regularly

If your ex is still interested in you then they will likely be calling or texting you. In the most simplistic terms, your ex wouldn't bother contacting you if they had moved on would they? Maybe you are thinking that they feel sorry for you and are worried about how you are. That could well be the case too, but take a look at how regular the contact is. If your ex was texting you out of a sense of duty then they would be sparse at best because they would not want to get your hopes up for a reunion.

Also look at the content of their texts, phone calls and messages. Are they asking lots of questions about what you are up to? This is a clear sign your ex is interested. They are basically testing the waters to see where you stand and how far along you are in the 'getting over your ex' phase. Any kind of contact with you is what they are looking for after the break up. They are not ready to let go of you completely just yet and are therefore hanging onto anything that they can get.

They Drop Hints That They Are Still Single

Why would your ex do this unless they wanted to either provoke a reaction from you, or let you know that they are open for getting back together? It would be a very awkward thing for your ex to talk about with you so them bringing up their single life can only mean something positive for you.

Here, your ex will be testing the waters again to ascertain what you are doing in your free time and if you are seeing anyone. By offering up this information they will be expecting you to be more forthright on your dating status too.

Your ex could also be trying to see how you will react to the news that they are still single. This will let them know if there are any feelings left for them. Let's face it, it isn't a normal thing to talk about with your ex, so if they do mention it then you can be assured that your ex is still interested.

They Show Up Where They Know You'll Be

Your ex knows your schedule and knows where you like to hang out. You spent many hours together in favourite haunts. When you seem to bump into your ex a lot then it is a huge sign your ex is still interested. Think about this for a minute. Why would your ex go anywhere near your favourite places? Why would they want to torture themselves with happy memories?

This is a sign that your ex is reminiscing about the good old days and wants to be close to you again. They are also banking on the fact that you will turn up in one of these places so that they can get a glimpse of you. If your ex really was over you and wanted to move on with their life, they would avoid all of the places that they know you will be completely. Why would they want to risk an awkward moment with you?

If your ex shows up at work or near where you live, this is an even bigger sign that they are still interested in you on some level. Your ex is using any opportunity to communicate with you that they can. They probably think that it is a better option than calling you because it is less obvious and seems like fate. Don't fall for this, if your ex didn't want to see you they would stay away.

How To Make Your Ex Interested In You Again

If your ex is showing none of the signs above then it is time for you to step in and do something about it before they move on completely. Luckily there are loads of psychological techniques that you can use on your ex to find out how they really feel about you. You can also make your ex sit up and take notice of you again and start to see you in a romantic light again. It is all about how you behave after the break up and making your ex see you as attractive and making them regret the break up.

You have to start looking at things from your ex's perspective and how they could view you after the break up. This is where most people go wrong because they concentrate on how they are feeling and how the break up has affected them. Instead you have to be objective and start monitoring your behaviour and interactions with your ex.

Remember that emotions are running high after a break up, so everything that you say and do will be remembered by your ex. If you act emotionally then there is a real danger that your ex will see you as unhinged and want to avoid you entirely. Overly emotional or angry people are not attractive, so make sure that your ex does not see you in this way or you will not win them back.

Your Next Steps

You now know some of the signs that your ex is still interested in you, there are many more though. Have a look at signs ex still likes you to be 100% sure first. To encourage your ex's interest in you there are a few things that you can do. Firstly, there are techniques to make your ex want you again. If you implement these correctly your ex will show more and more signs that they are interested.

You should also be aware of how contact with your ex can attract them or push them away. There are some brilliant things that you can do now to speed up the reconciliation process.

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