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Is She Thinking About Making Up? Steps To Making Up
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OK gals…so you have decided you want to make up with your man. What do you do next? Well…let me say this…to go from break-up to make-up you need to take baby steps. So often we try to take big steps to quickly…you can’t just push your way back in, especially if one of you cheated.

If cheating was at the heart of the break-up then you were both wrong somewhere. If you cheated on him then you were obviously not getting what you needed so you went and got something that you thought would fill that void. If he was the cheater then it was you that did not fulfill his needs therefore you were both at fault to a certain degree.

So now what has to happen is that both of you have to be willing to forgive each other…and forgive each other completely. If you can’t make this commitment then either one or both of you doesn’t want to be making up. But if you are willing… forgiveness is not an easy thing…believe me I know. For true forgiveness…you have to be willing to let go of ALL of the anger that was part of the break-up…you can’t dwell on it, you can’t bring it back up in an argument and throw in his face…even though that’s your first instinct. Anger makes us do and say things we never would under normal circumstances.

If you both can agree to forgiveness then the next thing is itty bitty baby steps to move back toward reconciliation. You could start with trying to meet for a cup of coffee or something similar…avoid an evening “Date” at first. Don’t go to a bar or be impaired in any way. This would only serve to make you vulnerable and susceptible to make a bad decision.

If you were the one that was wrong…be prepared to apologize… and be sincere about it or don’t even go there. Put your ego in check and be ready to put your heart out there again. He may only want to be friends, if so, don’t freak out, you have to let him get to know you again…remember…baby steps and don’t be assertive.

And finally…you have to know when to give up the Making Up strategy. If your guy is unable to forgive you then you’ll have no choice but to move on and try something new. And while this will cause you great pain and heartache, it may have been for the best. And if so…just remember that your soul mate is out there waiting for you.

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