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Make Him Miss You After The Break Up
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Make Him Miss You After The Break Up

If you've recently broken up with your boyfriend but realize that you want to get back together, the biggest step you will need to take is to make him miss you. On the other hand, if he was the one that ended things with you, making him miss you is a great first step to take in making him see sense and want you back.

The feeling of loss will help him realize what you had together was special, and will recreate the old feelings of lust and companionship. Many times people will go through the feeling of regret after a break up, realizing what they had was perfect, but only after the fact. There are a few tips to making your ex boyfriend miss you, and they're the first steps to getting back together again.

Avoid Contact With Him

This tactic is essentially "playing hard to get", and it's a tried and true method of making your ex begin to wonder where you are and what you're up to, ensuring that you're on his mind. It can be difficult for many women to avoid this kind of contact, as you will feel a pull towards the person you still care about. But avoiding contact here is essential, as it will give you both a break away from each other, and create the opportunity for him to miss what he had, and realize that he threw away something great.

Just think of if this way: You know that feeling you have right now, wondering what he's up to, how he's handling the situation? Now imagine if he felt the same way. Wouldn't it be easy from there on out? You could easily reconnect and his feelings would be satisfied. But first, you have to get him there, and the best way to do this is to keep him guessing. Avoiding contact, much like the way he is avoiding you, will have him asking the same questions you're asking yourself right now. So stay strong, as it will lead to the result you desire in the long run.

Keep Yourself Busy

As avoiding contact can become difficult, you'll need to keep yourself as busy as possible to avoid too many thoughts and possible urges. If your friends know what you're going through, meet up with them for lunch or a movie to take your focus away from your ex. As you want to build up his curiosity, you will want to make sure that you don't call or text him at all, so having some plans throughout the day will provide you with lots of distractions.

Many have said that work is the best distraction, because it often requires all of your attention. If there's some special projects that your boss needs done, offer your time to the deed so to direct your attention towards something productive. Or, if you have any projects around the house that need completion, now is the perfect time to do them. Cleaning the house with some music blasting in the background will help you tidy up your space with a little extra flair, all while ensuring you don't make that desperate phone call begging your ex to take you back. Keeping yourself busy is essential to avoiding that call, as there's no coming back from the "crazy ex" who won't leave a guy alone.

Do The Opposite Of His Expectations

At this point your ex will be wondering why you're not calling or trying to restart the relationship. He'll be wondering to himself if you've moved on and lost your feelings for him entirely. This will certainly damage his ego and get his mind turning. At the very least, he'll be expecting you to change after the breakup, thinking you'll be a mess without his presence.

Making it seem like he's not even close to a priority in his life anymore will show him that you don't need him around, and he'll start to see the independent side of you that he lost. Every man loves a woman who depends on him, and when he sees that you're not falling for that, his mind will go crazy wondering if he made the biggest mistake of his life. Sure, this may upset him a bit, but understand that you're in control, and keeping your emotions even and steady will show him that you can do well without him in your life, sending him into a world of jealousy and desire.

Where To Go From Here

Within the first few days your ex will be expecting that desperate phone call or text message from you stating that you miss him, but that's not going to happen. He'll be wondering why you haven't reached out, worrying that maybe you actually moved on, and he just isn't needed. As these questions start to simmer in his mind, his worries will grow larger, until eventually he regrets his decisions entirely. In no time at all he'll be thinking about you day in and day out, waiting for that phone call from you to calm his nerves. This is when he'll be at his weakest, and is the best time to take action.

With his mind rattled and his nerves on edge, you can slowly begin to move back into his life, but leading him on so as not to lose power. Eventually he'll reach out to you, and when he does, you can show him attention, but only enough to keep him hanging on. If he sets up a date, you can show a feigning interest, or if he texts you throughout the day, you can respond with short answers to show you're listening, but you have other things going on. Eventually the power will be in your hands, and he'll know for sure that he made a huge mistake.

Your Next Steps

There are plenty of ways to try and reconnect with an ex, but no one wants to seem weak and vulnerable. These steps will place the power in your hands, ensuring that you can control the outcome of your broken relationship and turn it into the great connection you had before. However, you don't want to seem desperate or make these fatal break up mistakes, so following these steps will allow you to get back together with your ex without seeming overeager or needy.

After you make him miss you, your next step is to make him want you back. Easier said than done right? Well if you know the little psychological tricks to make it happen, there is every possibility that he will start to desire you again. This is when you will need to look out for the signs he still loves you. If you are able to really hone in on how he actually feels, it will save a lot of embarrassment for you. Good luck!

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