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Make Your Ex Want You Back Fast - These Techniques Work
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Make Your Ex Want You Back Fast  -  These Techniques Work

You have done everything that you could possibly think of to get back with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. You have tried ringing, texting, messaging on social network sites like Facebook, maybe you even sent them a personal letter or two. Nothing seems to work. Your ex is intent on ignoring you, and now they seem further away than ever.

Making your ex want you back isn't as simple as most people seem to think it is. You can't force an ex back into a relationship by constantly pestering them. In the raw phase after a breakup the last thing your ex wants is to be pestered in half a dozen different ways. Given that they are the dumper and have committed to the breakup any contact from you at this stage will have the opposite effect from the one that you desire.

The key to getting your ex back and making them want you back is distance. You have to make the person that you love miss you. One of the main factors in almost every reconciliation is the fact that both parties missed each other. If you are constantly attempting to get in contact you are not giving your ex the chance to miss you. The fact is you are unwittingly reinforcing their will to stay away.

Take a step back. You need the space to plan your next move. Your ex needs the space to start missing you. When you disappear from the scene your ex will start wondering why, they would have expected you to keep trying to make contact in various ways. Reality will set in, your ex will start questioning the decisions that they made, and if they really want a life without you in it.

Turning The Tables To Make Your Ex Feel Rejection

In order to get your ex back you will have to accept that the relationship is over (at least for the time being). To improve your position you will have to make a tactical retreat from the situation. If you don't do this you will come across as desperate and pathetic, You do not want to perceived as either.

Tell your ex that you have been reevaluating your position in regard to the breakup, you now think it is for the best. This will immediately make your ex feel some of the rejection that you were made to feel. It may seem counterproductive, but believe me, it isn't. Your ex will respect you more if you are not acting like a spurned lover. They will question what they have lost and start to want you back.

Vanishing Into Thin Air, Your Next Move

The next thing you have to do is vanish into thin air. Sounds extreme, doesn't it? It may sound extreme, but it is exactly what you have to do if you really want to make your ex want you back. As the old saying goes - absence makes the heart grow fonder. The less your ex knows about how your life is progressing, the more they will want to know.

Cut all contact. Unfriend them on Facebook (if they haven't done so already), do not ring, do not text them, do not e-mail them, etc. Stop hanging out in social venues where they are also likely to be on a night out. Tell mutual friends as little as you possibly can, anything that you tell them will get back to your ex. Essentially what you want to do is become an enigma to your ex. You want to make them desperate to acquire information about you.

Once you have done this you will be in the strongest possible position, but your ex will be on the back foot and confused.

Making Your Ex Miss You, Your Next Step

If you have followed the process up to this point then your next step is to make your ex miss you and want you back in their life. At this stage they will be starting to miss you. You vanished into thin air, that was the last thing they expected you to do. Winning your ex back is all about making them miss you.

You have created a void in your ex's life. One day you were there, the next day you were gone. This will create a longing for you. Most relationships are composed of more good times than bad. When the breakup was raw your ex was only focusing on the bad. Now that they have had the time to think they will start remembering the good days. They will remember the little things that you did together, your quirks, the fun you had together. It will all come flooding back. This is the time when your ex will CONTACT YOU, and the bottom line is - that is what you want.

What Do I Do Now?

Being dumped is an awful experience for anyone to go through. Anyone who says "move on, get over it" either hasn't been dumped, or is denying the pain they felt when they were. If you really love someone then you shouldn't quit, you should do everything in your power to get them back.

You need to learn how to avoid common breakup mistakes. It is key that you put yourself in the best possible position to get your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back. Avoiding the mistakes that most people make after a breakup is essential.

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