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Reasons To Why Men Pull Away
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Reasons to Why Men Pull Away

Have you ever wondered why after having an engaging interaction with a man and forming a strong bond, a few weeks later he behaves uninterested and distant?

I’ve found that a lot of great women are let down by the man they try to commit to because he begins to act as if he does not want to see or be with you, and he can’t really give you a direct explanation to why?

If you blame yourself for this behavior coming from him, then you should stop now!

What I am about to tell you about why men pull away is going to make you see that men are very much like women

In the sense that when they begin to see that things are getting really serious and a certain kind of commitment must be made they start to feel oppressed and uncomfortable with the change in status, from being friends or flirting buddies to becoming a strongly loyal couple and I say women do this too because I have met a few who act this way and you know who you are… ;)

I will give you reasons as to why guys:

Run away from the word “commitment”.

Create barriers to keep you from reaching into their heart.

and what you can do to get him to come back around with a lust for commitment, even to marriage.

So at the end of this article you will no longer need to worry about trying to get your guy to not pull away, because you will now be equipped with some hands on information that you can begin to apply in your relationship today and see a great change.

Shall we begin!

Now the #1 reason why men pull away is he has doubt as to whether he wants to be in a committed relationship or not, he is in the deciding phase where his heart is screaming at him to go for it, but his mind keeps on bringing up these mental blocks.

Like the fear of not being able to sleep with another women other than you for the rest of his life, a loss of freedom, that you will try to control or change his life.

All this instilled in his head from what he has seen on TV about men who enter marriage and are never happy with the decision because of how much of a prison women put them in or whatever these shows convey about failing marriages.

These things do play a part in how he has thought about commitment, so watch out for when he seems to act like you’re an enemy of his freedom.

Men want to be in a relationship, but they also want to be single!

This is what women do not fully understand, when a guy says he is really interested in you, you may begin to assume that all he wants is to have sex and you're probably right, but this is only half of what he really wants.

In the growth of a sexual relationship he will also want to see if you find a general interest in who he really is, If you take the relationship as one based on sex then he will also do the same, but if you want him to have a complete interest in commitment then you have to satisfy both his physical body and his personality.

You have to show a strong interest in the REAL MAN behind the façade of sexuality.

Men frightened to let women know how they really feel, all because they may fear your judgment and do not want to seem inferior for having insecurities.

This will make he a closed off emotionally unavailable partner.

He creates his own worries out of thin air because he still wants to hold on to his ego for a bit longer.

Your job is to not force him in any way to speak on his emotions asking him things like “what’s wrong and why won’t you talk to me” will only make things worse for him and could make him close off altogether and leave the relationship on that note.

When a guy seems to be pulling away he is going through a psychological phase of uncertainty and indecision, so what you say to him during this period is very affective on whether he will stay or go, you have to choose your words wisely and if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t speak at all

He must go through this process with a clear conscience and with the thought that you will always be there for him no matter what he decides, stop chasing and let it go.

Once you do that he will notice your ease and understanding and this will make feel less pressured which is very good because he will feel more comfortable.

So now that you know the reasons as to why your man is pulling away,you can now begin to show him that you’re not going to change him,once you do that,you will see him commit to you so fast your head will spin.

In the end men just want to have a safe place where they know that even though they are with you, they are still free to go and follow their dreams and do whatever they want, without sabotaging the relationship of course.

Thank you for reading,If you want to know how you can get him to commit without you having to be pushy,then I suggest you look up a guide that will direct in creating the relationship you have always desired.

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