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Reconnecting With Your Ex?
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Have you recently had a break-up and decided that what you really want is to re-connect with your Ex? If so, then let’s talk. First I’ll ask if you read my previous article on broken relationships. If the answer to that question is yes, then I’ll assume that you paid close attention to the tip relating to Refraining from any contact…yes?

If you have been out of contact with your Ex for period of time then chances are that you have made positive steps to getting yourself centered. In other words, you've had a chance to step back and make a realistic assessment of your feelings and what went wrong…not an emotional assessment, but a realistic one. If you have done this and are feeling fairly yourself again, then you are ready.

If you haven’t done this, and have been calling, texting, and just generally making a nuisance of yourself then you have probably pushed your Ex so far away that reconciliation is more than likely out of the question. You will have to go back to tip#1 and start over with the no contact rule and hope it’s not too late.

OK…we’re going to assume that you’re paragraph 2 and not 3…right?

Good now let’s move on. So now what’s going through your mind is hmmm how do I make contact without sending the wrong message? Well, let me let you in on a little secret…one of the strongest emotions in the human brain is Curiosity ...wouldn't you agree? And what you must do is to speak to that emotion...tickle it.

Now with that in mind try this, depending on whether you’re male or female it works both ways. (Example) “Hi Ben. It’s Deanna. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you did for me. Call me because I just wanted to thank you.” Now, you see how curious that would make a person?

Wouldn't that make you curious? It would me. OK so now you have their attention but before you set this in motion you need to think about this and come up with a plausible reason, it can be most anything but has to be believable, if not, you’ll end up shooting yourself in the foot and we don’t want that do we!

Now there are many ways to fix a broken relationship and I have many more tips where these came from. I will be writing more articles on this very important subject and if anyone has any questions or comments I will more than happy to respond in a timely fashion, Thank you.

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