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Reverse How Your Ex Sees You After The Break Up
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Reverse How Your Ex Sees You After The Break Up

To reverse how your ex sees you there are a few things that you need to understand first. The truth is that your ex sees you in a certain way after your break up. This is all the more true if you have been behaving the way an ex normally behaves. Whatever the reasons for your break up, your ex already had preconceived ideas about how you would react afterwards. It is likely that you have been doing everything that they expected too - it is human nature after all.

So your ex has put you in a box and assumed things about you that you do not like and it seems impossible to change. The trouble is that the more you try to change their minds about you, the more your ex recoils from you in the process. It's like hitting your head against a brick wall because no matter what you do, it only gets worse and their view of you goes downhill too. This is frustrating to say the least, but it doesn't necessarily have to be this way.

If you want to get your ex back then how they see you is vital to your success. They may think badly of you right now, think you are desperate and pathetic, try to avoid you like the plague etc. This can change though when you start to implement effective psychological techniques geared towards the opposite sex.

You want them to see you like they used to before you started going out - attractive, mysterious, interesting and fun. Your ex has forgotten this side of you for the time being because they are seeing the broken-hearted, depressed and needy side of you. Reversing how your ex sees you largely rests on nipping these negative behaviours in the bud before they get out of control and sabotage your chances of a reunion.

Assess Your Current Behaviour - Step 1

What way are you behaving in front of your ex? This is important to think about because your ex views you negatively for a reason. You have to do a bit of soul searching here and take a cold hard look at how you have been acting, what you have been saying and your life post break up. This is the only way to move forward and fix how your ex sees you. Right now you need self awareness in bucket loads because it will give you a huge insight into how your ex views you.

Have you been guilty of calling, texting or trying to get attention from your ex post break up? If so, stop what you are doing right now. This type of behaviour is doing you no favours at all and is only cementing your ex's view of you as desperate and needy. You have to be strong here and assert some willpower.

The same goes for wallowing in self-pity. Sure you want to curl up in a ball and disappear, this is completely normal. You can't allow your ex to see you this way though. If they think that you are taking the break up badly and that your social life is non-existent, they will not be attracted to you. A bit of pretense is called for here to show them that you are strong and have a life outside of them. This is one of the first things that will change your ex's view of you. They will be surprised that you are not acting according to how they envisaged and will consequently have to change how they see and feel about you.

Instead of acting like a defeated and sad mess you can defiantly refuse to behave the way that your ex expects you to. If you were dumped, your ex expects you to behave like a love sick dumpee and that they would move on before you. Don't allow this to happen. You need to dust yourself off, put on a smile (no matter how bad you feel inside) and show your ex that life goes on. Not only will this make your ex sit up and take notice of your drastic change in perspective, it will make them think that they got you wrong and that will unnerve them. It will also make them respect you again and this is crucial as you will see.

Gaining Your Ex's Respect After The Break Up - Step 2

You won't be able to get your ex back until you gain their respect again. This is kind of a tough thing to do but it is possible once you understand something about break up dynamics. Your ex broke up with you because they thought that they could do better or maybe they started seeing you in a different light. On some level they lost their respect for you. It happens a lot and is not something that you should be beating yourself up over because it can be fixed.

When your ex broke up with you they rejected you because you were perhaps less desirable than you were when you first got together. In essence they lost some or all of the respect that they had for you. Maybe this happened over time and you were unaware that you were doing anything differently or wrong, maybe something major happened between you and suddenly your ex didn't see you in the same way anymore. This is difficult to hear. It doesn't mean that the break up was your fault at all, it just means that you have to be honest with yourself to figure out why the break up happened in the first place. This will also enable you to work out what you have to do to change the way your ex sees you.

Being the bigger person, acting strongly and avoiding behaviours that peg you as a stalker, needy, pathetic or unhinged are vital if you want to get their respect back. When you do anything negative it will only make your ex value you less and less and reinforce their decision to break up with you. You want to make them realise that they made a mistake here, not make them glad that they got out when they did.

Of course, getting your ex's respect starts with you respecting yourself again and knowing your self-worth. After a break up the last thing that you will be feeling is confident and happy about yourself, but you mustn't let this feeling of inadequacy take root in your psyche. It will damage your self image and you will never think that you are worth a relationship with your ex again.

It starts with changing how you view yourself first. This will ultimately rub off on your ex and they will start seeing you as more attractive and wonder if they gave you up without thinking. When you see yourself as your ex's equal and accept that you deserve to be treated properly your ex will notice this too. Pleading and trying to convince your ex of your value will NEVER work. They have to see your worth intrinsically through your behaviour and the way you carry yourself. Words will not suffice here.

Your Next Steps

Now that you understand some of the psychology of changing how your ex sees you, it is time to up the ante and work out where you really stand with your ex. Look for signs ex is over you first. This will allow you to save face if they have truly moved on. It may also give you an insight into how they are really feeling about you.

A huge part of changing how your ex views you is to make them miss you. There are some effective techniques that you can be using now to make your ex realise that life without you isn't as great as they had anticipated.

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