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Seven Mistakes Causing Your Ex Girlfriend To Reject Your Apology
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Seven Mistakes Causing Your Ex Girlfriend to Reject Your Apology

I was happy with everything but one… my relationship.

I was coming out of years of trying to win my ex girlfriend back and improve our relationship. Like you, I have tried many ways to convince her to come back to my arms. Now, there are most certainly many things we unwarily believe we are capable of restoring our relationship.

Here you may find seven mistakes, some of which through my own personal experience, some maybe you’ve done it unintentionally, that might cause your ex girlfriend to reject your apology:

  1. Breaking up with my girlfriend, I was furious. Trying to win her back when I was emotionally unstable proved useless. I resort to lies in order to manipulate her feelings. I gave her all sorts of logical lies just to get her back.
  2. Sure, you were hurt but you shouldn’t be mean. By insulting her just to retaliate of her negative comments of you, will not help. Most men have huge ego, and because of that; some men often resort to verbal abuse if not physical. Women never really forget what we said, in other words, they are words-sensitive although they may not appear like one. Verbal abuse leaves as much emotional destruction, if not more, than physical abuse.
  3. I’ve seen other guys using this tactic. It back fires. You see, I am no relationship expert, but according to a dating guide, this method is use during pre-dating, and merely to invoke interest of the girl a guy tries to pick up. Flaunting on other women will make your ex girlfriend think you already move on.
  4. Being mean is one thing, but digging deep and use the personal things you know about your ex girlfriend in defending yourself, is downright hurtful. Just because you know her vulnerabilities, whatever it is, doesn’t give you the green light to use it as a shield.
  5. A lot of guys, who suspects their girl’s double-dating behavior, will likely stalk her. This will only frighten her and may land you trouble. Stalking comes in many forms; excessive calling, following or even calling out her friends to know her whereabouts.
  6. Although arguing seems pretty normal as a way to reason, but when it comes to rebuilding trust, being a listener pays better dividends. Picking up fights and arguments will only reinforce her decisions to stay away from you.
  7. A lot of guys, depending on the reason of their break up, out of hatred, seek vengeance in restoring their relationship. Even if you manage to win your ex girlfriend back, it often not for long until it ends. Stay away of this feeling at any cost.

I’m sure, you who read this, would likely to agree it is not an easy task to undo these act which you might have done. I am sure you’d agree that majority of people end up moving on and never really succeed in fixing their relationship.

However, you can get back together with your ex girlfriend. To do this, you can learn how to get your apology accepted. There are plenty written documents worth gold that can guide you, if you'd like?

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