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Signs Ex Still Cares About Me - Watch Out For These
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Signs Ex Still Cares About Me  -  Watch Out For These

It's normal to try to find a way to rebuild your relationship after it has fallen apart because of a breakup. Some efforts wind up successful, while others fail. If you want to give yourself a built-in advantage, it's important to know how your ex feels about you - before jumping in and putting any plan you have in motion. If they still have feelings for you, your efforts will have a higher chance of paying off, so before taking action, examine the signs and signals that your ex is demonstrating - it's an easy way to tell if their feelings for you still exist, and if your efforts will have a good chance of delivering the ultimate payload.

No matter how hopeless or desperate your situation may seem - at least on the surface - every breakup can be reconciled. That's not to say that getting an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back is an easy process. Identifying and recognizing their feelings are one of the most difficult aspects towards eventual reconciliation.

When you learn to recognize these signs, two things happen. First, you get the added boost of hope that your efforts will pay off. This hope can bolster your resolve and keep you going - even when the odds seem stacked against you. Secondly - you need to consider your ex's motivations in addition to your own. If they think that they're giving you the signals to move forward and you don't take advantage of them, you may lose out on your opportunity to win them back - even if they genuinely wanted to.

These four signs are huge indicators that your ex is at least toying with the idea of getting back together - and that their feelings for you are still valid.

- They Haven't Given Up Communication

After a breakup, it's normal to find that you and your ex have fallen out of touch. In fact, many breakups include an unspoken yet enforced "no contact" policy. In order to successfully get back together, however, you'll need to overcome that obstacle. If your ex has kept in touch, however, it's a clear sign that - at the very least - they're not quite ready to let you and the relationship go.

There are different levels of contact, however. If your ex starts calling you unexpectedly, you may be better off than you thought. If you initiate conversation all the time, it's a positive thing that your ex responds. When they're making the first move, though, it takes things to a whole new level.

Don't lose heart if your ex isn't responding to your attempts at all. Almost no hurdle is unconquerable, though. There are ways to get a positive response - even when the situation seems dire.

- They Want to Get Together

A text or a phone call is a good first start. Asking to get together in person takes things to a whole new level.

You may have mixed feelings about meeting your ex face-to-face for the first time after a breakup. It's normal to have some awkwardness come into play. If you want to give yourself a good shot at reconciliation, however, you'll need to try to set those negative tidbits aside as much as possible. You can feel nervous all you want, but put on a brave face in front of your ex and don't let your nervousness show.

If your ex is interested in seeing you, there's a reason. It's a big indication that talking on the phone or via text is insufficient. Your ex wants to see you in order to see how open you are towards the idea of getting back together. That means that they'll be watching your body language, your mannerisms and your behavior - just like you will be watching theirs. It will be a chance to get a feel for each other and try to figure out where both of you stands.

- They Suddenly Behave Differently Around You

Many times after a breakup, your ex seems to become an entirely different person overnight. They used to be warm, loving and caring towards you - but now they seem removed, distant and cold. A lot of exes will respond to your attempts to talk - but they'll only respond with one or two words and you get the feeling that they're simply just trying to blow you off. When these reactions start changing, however, it's a sign that things may be taking a turn for the better.

If your ex has suddenly changed their attitude for no apparent reason, it's usually an indication that something else in their world has changed as well. They've had a shift in perception. Instead of calling them out on their behavior, however, just roll with the punches. They may not realize how drastic these changes may be - or they may be subconsciously be moving towards an openness to reconciliation without even recognizing it in themselves yet.

- They Drop Hints About Dating Again

All of these signs up to this point have been indicating that your ex may be exploring their possibilities. When they come to a final decision about whether or not to give your relationship another chance, don't expect them to come right out and say it. They'll start dropping hints and avoid saying anything outright. You've got to be aware of the game and be able to recognize that these hints are pointing at a much bigger prize than your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is willing to admit outright.

You may need to realize that this process may begin as a joke. Your ex is deadly serious, but they'll try to play it off - just in case you don't give them the answer that they're looking for. They'll start constructing elaborate "what ifs" to try and determine how you'd react to a more serious question. Recognize that your ex is definitely trying to get to something without having to come right out and say it. Knowing what's happening beneath the surface, therefore, turns out to be much more valuable than having them come right out and say it - and risk losing everything if you deliver a negative response.

In order to successfully reclaim your relationship, you need to have a specific plan of action in place. If you simply react without thinking things through completely, you're likely to end up making the wrong move at the wrong time and messing up your chances - perhaps even for good. Instead, if you know what you should do and when, you have a much higher chance of coming out on top.

Being well-informed and prepared for any scenario before it comes up is the ultimate key to success. By recognizing each potential issue and personalizing your response, you're much more likely to successfully get your relationship back on track and have your happy ending after all.

What’s Next?

There are more signs your ex loves you, learn them and recognize them. Then you will be back in the driving seat and know exactly where you stand with your ex. There are other things that you need to do too to win back your ex, you can’t just hope for the best.

Avoiding these deadly break up mistakes is a good place to start. The trouble is that most of us don’t have any idea that we are doing anything wrong, but it is glaringly obvious to our ex. This is because we are emotional and not thinking clearly. Once you find out what behaviour to stay clear of, you will make your ex see you in a romantic light again.

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