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Signs He Wants Me Back - Learn To Decipher His Actions
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Signs He Wants Me Back  -  Learn To Decipher His Actions

There are certain things that you need to be aware of if you are trying to find out if your ex boyfriend wants you back. First of all, you need to realise that everything may not be as it seems. Just because he says or does something, it does not necessarily mean that this is how he is really feeling inside. This is even more true after a break up. We often do not act like ourselves and our emotions are all up in the air. The vibes that we give out are therefore mixed up too, so don't despair if he is acting like he doesn't care about you right now, the opposite may in fact be the case.

So, how can you tell how he actually feels then? Well it takes a little practice and you have to learn what exactly to look out for. Once you can appreciate exactly how males behave after a break up, you will be in a much better position to read between the lines. This is key here. You shouldn't be expecting him to act like you after your break up, men and women are very different creatures and so how they deal with things will also differ. To be successful you have to be able to identify the behavioural patterns that are unique to men. This is what this article is going to teach you, so let's get started now.

Does He Ask To Remain Friends After The Break Up?

This is a huge clue that he is not entirely done with you yet. He wants to know that you are a safe distance away and that he still has you in his life. This makes him feel more secure when he knows that you are there as a back up plan, should he later regret his decision to break up with you. He also asks to remain friends because he knows that he is going to miss you and that this is a better alternative to saying goodbye to you altogether. This may sound incredibly selfish and it is, he is only thinking of his own needs after the break up and wants to wean himself off you gradually.

Do not allow this to happen if you want to get him back, slipping into the 'friend zone' is a very bad idea. The last thing that you want him to do is to start thinking of you as a friend and only a friend. Once you start easing into this new relationship with him, he will get comfortable and want to keep it like that, this spells disaster for you as you know that you want more. The important thing to remember here is that you can't just give him what he wants with no thought to your own needs. It will only eat you up inside and make you even more disappointed in the long run when you have waited on him to change his mind and he hasn't.

You must start looking at things from his perspective instead if you want to be successful. The key here is to make him sit up and take notice. Make him feel like he is actually giving you up completely when he breaks up with you. If you have self respect for yourself and show him that you deserve better, he will likewise start respecting you too. Don't lie to yourself that friendship is an acceptable middle-ground for you when what you really want is a romantic relationship. When he knows that he really stands a chance of losing you in his life then he will be forced to rethink the break up and think about whether it is worth it if he doesn't have you in his life anymore.

The friendship sign is one of the biggest clues that you should be looking out for after your break up. It is one of the big signs your ex boyfriend still likes you. Think about this for a second. If he really was ready to move on and wasn't interested in you anymore, why would he even bother to remain friends? He would have a whole new future ahead of him and he wouldn't really need you anymore. Of course he could just be saying it as a cushion when he dumps you, just to make you feel like there is hope and lessen the hurt. If this is the case he will make no effort to contact you after the break up at all. This is when you will know that he wansn't serious about remaining friends at all, it was just a thing to say, perhaps out of guilt. This brings us onto our next clue.

Does He Still Contact You After The Break Up?

This is another huge sign that he still has emotional bonds to you that he is finding hard to break. Look out for him texting you for no particular reason at all and ringing you just to see how you are. When there is no real point to his conversation and he starts to ramble a bit or seem nervous, you can be sure that he still has feelings for you and that you still have an impact on him. The number of times that your ex boyfriend contacts you obviously is a sign of how much he misses you.

If you find him leaving you messages on your Facebook wall or he is emailing you, always on msn or live chat, you can be sure that he is looking for excuses to talk to you and he hopes that you will initiate the conversation. When he leave these channels of communication open, it means that he is still open to the idea of you as a potential girlfriend. He hasn't shut the door on this entirely yet. If he had he would have no interest in keeping in touch with you. If you want to get him back then you will have to learn how to use this contact to your advantage to make him crave you.

It is also a good idea to watch out for what he says when he does contact you. Is he asking you lots of questions about yourself and what you have been up to? This is an indicator that he is worried that you are moving on without him, that you are out there meeting new people and having fun. This is something that he didn't expect when he broke up with you, he wanted to be the one that moved on first. He will casually ask about what your plans are for the weekend and who you are doing them with because he is still interested in you.

Also watch out for him starting to reminisce about your past history. If he talks about what you used to do together or brings up happy memories, then he is firmly living in the past and the present without you isn't so appealing. He will also be bringing up the past to gauge whether you feel the same way as he does and find out if you are missing him too. Remember he won't say things in so many words as he is trying to protect his ego, but he will allude to them to work out where he stands.

Your Next Steps

Now that you understand that not everything is as it seems, you will have to dig a little deeper and be able to read his body language. These are not all or the signs he wants you back and still likes you, there are many more that you have to look out for if you want to know where you stand. The last thing that you want to be doing is to be making a fool of yourself if he doesn't feel the same way.

After that it would be a really good idea to stay away from these break up mistakes. If you are guilty of doing some of these things then you can reverse this by using some specific psychological techniques. When you know to stay away from these then you will have a much better chance of winning him back. When you are ready to start putting in some work to get your ex boyfriend back, then you can use several clever Facebook techniques to completely reverse how he feels about you. You will notice a huge change in the way he acts with you and start to make him chase you if you use them properly.

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