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The No Contact Rule - Does It Work?
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The No Contact Rule  -  Does It Work?

Many people have used the no contact rule to gain significant positive results with their ex. It is not the only thing that you should be doing to ensure that you get back together, but it is a big part of the process and speeds up a reconciliation.

The no contact rule does work very well in getting your ex back, but you have to follow the steps correctly and stick to it to see results. It is not a fix all strategy but is very powerful and does garner very fast results. Many people in the same situation as you have managed to get their ex's back using the no contact rule alone. Take a look below about how to use the no contact rule properly, understand why it works and things to avoid if you want to ensure its success.

Why The No Contact Rule Works

The reason why the no contact rule is used so widely is because it does get results and fast. Every situation is different and perhaps your ex will take a little longer to come around. Nevertheless, you need to understand why it is so effective to really see its power.

A lack of communication serves two purposes here:

-It will make your ex wonder about you and start to miss you in their life. What could you be up to? Have you already moved on? Why do you not seem interested in them anymore? These are the sorts of things that will be running around in your ex's head when they don't hear from you. Your ex is prone to paranoia about you too after the break up. There are always lingering feelings left and they can't switch off entirely. Therefore they will be sensitive to what you do and will be monitoring your behaviour closely. When you don't call panic sets in and their imaginations will go into overdrive.

-It will force your ex to make the next move. You have essentially given yourself back some of the power that you lost after the break up. By not contacting your ex you are making decisions again and giving yourself control of the situation. If you hold tight and be patient your ex will be forced to get in touch with you if they don't want to lose you. This is not what they expected to happen and it will shock them into action. After the break up they expected you to put up some kind of a fight or at least want to keep in touch with them. When you don't ring or email they will feel vulnerable and need your attention again. This is when they are likely to initiate communication with you themselves.

When It Doesn't Work

The no contact rule will not work if you do not stick at it. This takes a lot of willpower and dedication on your part. Every urge will be telling you to ring your ex or email them. You have to fight against these feelings if you want it to work. What is the point of undoing all of your hard work at this point when you have managed no contact for a couple of weeks? When you give in too early it will not be effective and your ex will not have the chance to miss you. Seeing the no contact rule through really is a must if you are serious about getting your ex back - there are no shortcuts here.

No contact will not work if you just apply it to phone calls. No contact means no contact of any sort. This means that you cannot go onto Facebook and poke your ex or comment on their photos. Although this sort of contact is indirect it still counts. By the same token you cannot update your wall at all during the no contact phase. You do not want your ex to know what you are up to, remember that you want to create an air of mystery and make your ex miss you - they can't do that if you are always online and telling the world every detail of your day.

You might also find that no contact will be ineffective if you have to see your ex often. If this is the case then you will have to keep communication to a minimum. Be pleasant but do not have conversations with your ex. If you can avoid seeing your ex then this would be the best option.

Using The No Contact Rule To Your Advantage

If you are finding the whole no contact rule difficult then there are things that you can do whilst you are waiting. Keeping busy will take your attention away from your ex and make you much less likely to give in. It will also make the time go much faster and give you your confidence back. You also want to have loads of things to tell your ex when you eventually do get in contact with them again. They will naturally want to know what you have been up to and will be more impressed if you tell them that you have been doing exciting things rather than waiting by the phone for their call.

You should also read up on other techniques to use as well as the no contact rule to ensure that you get your ex back. When you are waiting for the no contact rule to run its course you should be putting your time to good use and becoming the person that your ex will be attracted to again. Understanding the psychology of the opposite sex and why they behave in a certain way after the break up will give you the upper hand and enable you to address the issues that made your ex want to break up with you in the first place. There are so many tools in your arsenal, using them all will increase your chances of a reunion significantly.

Your Next Steps

You need to look at contact with your ex in much more depth now. When you learn the intricacies of the no contact rule and how to use it to your best advantage, you will be much more likely to get your ex back.

These powerful Facebook strategies will also make your ex eager to get in touch with you again and create mystery and desire - just like the way they used to view you. Take a look at how to make your ex want you too, there are some brilliant and effective things that you should be doing right now to make your ex see you romantically again.

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