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There’s Always Hope To Stop Your Divorce – A Formula That Will Work Wonders For You
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There’s Always Hope to Stop Your Divorce – a Formula That Will Work Wonders for You

Instead of blaming your partner...

Honestly, have you try to see things from your partner's point of view?

When your partner did something wrong, he or she may not think so. When they are put to blame, it'll caused deep resentment. So, instead of finding fault, try to listen and understand them. Condemns will drive your partner ever further apart. Only wise and exceptional tolerant people will stop the 'blaming game'.

What you can try to do now is... “Step back a minute,” advised T. Dub Jackson in his book Magic of Making Up, “take a step back to weigh in your interest of your own affairs with your moderate concern of anything else.” Your partner when you blame them, they are more likely to resent because they're on the defensive side. Listen to them, if they blame you, just go with it before you can redirect the conversation to the solution. Only then, you have grasped firmly the solid foundation in relationship, which is, "Success in a relationship depends on the ears paying attention of the other person’s viewpoint."

Here's how a husband related his own experience.

He married his best friend because he believed she’s the women he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Three years later on board with a baby boy, on a cool summer night at the porch of his home, his wife dropped the bomb admitting to have an affair with another man. So the divorce papers were on its way a few days afterwards leaving the wife to take the blame.

There was a time, however, when the tide seems to have calmed down as the wife claimed the affair has ended. She had asked for a second chance. So he stopped the proceedings only to discover later, she didn’t stop seeing the guy. The divorce was back on, and now with additional cost.

All the lies unfolded before his eyes and left him with the sickest feeling ever that thrusted his emotion. He was made out to be the most selfish, non-understanding husband that ever walked the earth. It was the hardest of period of his life and he resented all the claims. He blamed his wife, the affair which caused the turmoil.

As you can see, the wife was giving him a second chance, but he wouldn't listen.

And one day, as he was driving down the highway coming home from work, he remembered looking at the cars full of people and just loathing every one of them.

“Don't these people have the slightest idea what I am going through? Don't they even bother?”

Naturally, he was really losing control of his emotions, and was splitting in two.

They didn't go to counseling. But after patiently going through the book written on this subject, the husband realized now, how foolish he had been all those years. It never occurred to him that his wife was craving for his attention, which he only cares of his own. She might really appreciate a compliment on her diligence.

One afternoon, on the day came for the divorce to be finalized, he was in good place. He was healed physically and emotionally. The judge gave him a chance to speak. It's hard to recall all the horrible details of what happened years ago but all he remembers from being in that courtroom was turning to his wife and saying, “Honey, I love you, I don’t want a divorce… I want to work it out.”

And they did.

And they walked hand in hand, proceeded to a diner just across the street and had coffee for the first time after a while apart.

What is their secret to get back together?

There's none. The script remains the same it seems for so many people. And as for these two, they worked as a team. They learned effective communication. They learn to take ownership of mistakes. And more importantly they have learned to consider other person ideas or feeling are as important as their own.

In his book, Magic of Making Up, T. Dub Jackson further elaborated, "If you show that you consider your partner’s ideas and feelings equally as important as your own, success in your relationship is for your keeping."

If you would take the time to ask yourself, how you would feel, how you would react if you were in your partner’s shoes, you will save yourself time and of painful reaction because by becoming interested in the cause, you will less likely to dislike the end result. And, in addition, you will sharply increase your ability in coping with relationship problems.

Ask yourself, have you really given your spouse's feelings a second thought? Things happened for a reason. A reason that often eludes beneath the anger and frustration. Find the cause, because 90% of the time... you'll find it worth to be corrected.

If you have never read Magic of Making Up, one such book on saving relationship, you cannot imagine how meaningful it can be for your marriage.

Much of the information that appears in the book appears nowhere else. Divorce in a relationship may differ in reasons. As a result, every couple may have their own set of challenges coping with divorce. Discover further of your challenges in order to stop your divorce because your happiness depends heavily on it.

Send for this book of Magic of Making Up now, while your mind is on it. There’s a clear vision in it for you to save your marriage. I can guarantee that the book, you will find always interesting, always helpful, and always reliable in its application.

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