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Three Reasons Not To Reconnect With Someone From The Past
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There are times in our life where we look back into the past and wish we were still acquainted with a person. So in turn we want to find someone and reconnect with them to a part of our current and future life. The reasons could be as simple as reuniting with a family member or friend to more complex relationships such as rekindling a relationship with a lost love. Just be aware that issues may arise from these reconnections.

Safety - A big concern about finding someone and wanting to restart a relationship would be the thought of safety. Just imagine that you found the individual you are in search of. Well while you have been apart because of the division in your lives, they have been into some trouble. This could include criminal misdemeanors or felonies for domestic violence or robbery. Maybe they filed for bankruptcy because of gambling issues. Many examples could be named, but hopefully none of them hold true for the person you want to reconnect with. If this person has had issues, then it could be a danger to you and/or your family.

Timing - Sometimes we want to find someone and get to know them again because we are stuck in a rut or just want to change our current situation. This could be good in a way. However, are you wanting to reconnect for the right reasons to better your situation or is it out of desperation. If so, the individual needs to know your circumstances and see if they want to be apart of it. Also, what about the timing it their life. You should try to find out if they have a relationship such as engagement or marriage on the horizon. Are they recently divorced or going through tough times themselves? Hopefully, none of the reasons above are going to get in the way and that circumstances from both sides are good and create a mutual benefit.

Connectivity - Your time spent with the individual you wan to find, may have been great. You think back at all of the good times and how you got along. This could have been during high school, college, on a summer trip or a quick move to a place finding you have to move again. Once you do find the someone you are looking for, test the waters of connecting again. Things are not the same as you remembered, unless it has been a very short time. A personality may have changed, a lifestyle may be different or their surrounding environment will not let them be the person you used to know. Don't be afraid to ask them what has changed, to see if it will be right for you. Even then, they may not want to tell you if their situation is bad.

The above reasons listed above may be downers to think about once you find someone. However, it is good to be balanced in your thinking to ensure the relationship can be a reality and mutual for both sides. To be able to find someone from your past is exciting and scary at the same time. Error on the side of caution and take it slow to maximize your safety and building of the reconnection.

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