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Tips How To Survive A Breakup
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After a breakup, you are vulnerable and sensitive, and think bad thoughts like, "I will never meet anyone again, and probably die alone in a small room together with seven cats". It is these negative thoughts you have to learn to keep in check in the next relationship.

Stop the negative thoughts

Remember that the disaster actually is just in your mind. One must distinguish between what is actually happening, and what has not even occurred yet. One way to stop the negative thoughts is to wear a rubber band around your wrist. When you notice that a negative, destructive thought pops up you can snap yourself with a rubber band.

Make your own patterns

Take the opportunity to see the connection between your relationships today and how your upbringing has been, and start a project for personal development.

Are you confident in yourself you can safely take care of a relationship. You do not get into negative thoughts or thoughts of disaster, and you learn to analyze when something happens in the relationship that is not as it should.

Take responsibility

Just as 50 percent of the responsibility was yours when the relationship was going on, so you carry your share of the blame for that the relationship did not hold.

Make a statement to yourself about what you learned, and what insights you want to take with you into the next relationship.


Researchers have found that lucky people have a more open body language, they smile twice as often as unlucky and takes a lot more eye contact.


You will not meet someone if you never go out. Research shows that lucky people expose themselves to more possibilities to get lucky than unlucky, simply because they build and maintain strong networks. They meet a lot of people, happy to greet friends, and seek out places where you meet many people.


Lucky people do not dig down into the accident that befalls them. They also have the ability to see the positive in the bad luck that befalls them, and are convinced that the sad thing that happened in the long run will lead to that they have more luck than they had originally.

The two things that give good luck

People who say they are lucky often do indeed oftenare lucky, and thus make an image of the good that awaits them. Moreover, they tend to keep themselves open to surprises, whether they are looking for a new car or a new partner.

Get your ex back

What if you could get back your ex even though it now feels as if your situation has gone too far and that it is completely impossible. Although things have gone very wrong and you have made many mistakes. Although the situation is so complicated that you barely know how it could be possible getting your ex back.

Watch out for perfectionism

Perfectionism and many checklists for dream partner is therefore a classic pitfall. You can get caught in it where the search and thus missing out on some very good people.

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