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Tips To Get Your Boyfriend Back
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Tips to Get Your Boyfriend Back

When you have finally found 'the one', the last thing you every want to do is lose them. However, sometimes, even the best of relationships can hit a road block. And that road block can sometimes lead to a separation. But, if it is meant to be, it will find a way! Here we will discuss tips to get your boyfriend back.

The biggest tip is to not act desperate. Please, don't call or text him all the time. And no Facebook stalking him! I know that the urge to over analyze everything he posts on social media will be strong. But you can't do it! All it will do is create even more issues for you. If you start texting him non-stop or writing him saying something like 'well what does THAT status mean', all you are going to do is show him that you are needy, clingy, and probably too immature to handle a relationship with him. Ultimately, it will push him even farther away and make him think he made the right choice by leaving you.

Take some time for yourself. Really focus on things you may have pushed aside for your relationship. Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we tend to let things we once enjoyed doing by ourself go by the wayside to spend more time with the one we love. That can lead to us changing, even without us knowing. If you used to read a novel a week, and stopped doing so to spend more time with your boyfriend, pick that hobby back up. Not only will it help you get back to the real you, it will keep your mind occupied.

Pamper yourself and show it. Have you wanted to dye your hair a different color? Maybe invest in a cute new wardrobe you saw? This is the time to do it! Don't do something drastic like plastic surgery. You're not really in the frame of mind for such a permanent change. But a new hairdo and cute outfit can really add some pep to your step. Carry yourself with pride too. Straighten your shoulders, wear a smile wherever you go, and if you do bump into your ex, show them, subtly, how good you're doing. Letting them see that you are ok just may get them thinking. That brings me to my final point.

Do not, I repeat do NOT, purposefully try to 'bump into them'. Don't change your routine to run into them somewhere. If you have never been to church a day in your life, but you know they go every Sunday, don't suddenly get religious and show up. He would totally see straight through that. And it looks just as desperate as the first point I made. But, if you two frequent the same places in your general daily routine, don't change it to avoid him either. Like I said before, seeing you getting along just fine and carrying yourself with pride may just give him the jolt he needs.

These are just some general tips to get your ex back. There are lots more tips and tricks out there, as well as other ideas to help you achieve your goals. Just be careful in the way that you handle this new aspect of the relationship. It could be easy to scare him off for good, but paying attention to what you do and playing by his rules may just help you get your boyfriend back.

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