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Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Back - Do Not Make These Mistakes
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Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Back  -  Do Not Make These Mistakes

When you are looking for ways to get your boyfriend back, you will probably have come across a lot of conflicting advice - so what do you listen to? You should follow advice that applies to your own personal situation. You are the one that knows your ex boyfriend the best, so it is up to you to take the advice given and apply it to your own specific circumstances.

There are loads of effective ways to get back your ex boyfriend, this article is going to address some of them and show you what to do, so let's get started.

Don't Contact Him

This is probably a no brainer for you. For some girls though it is the toughest thing for them to do as they want to talk to him constantly. It may seem impossible to keep away from your ex boyfriend, but you just think of the bigger picture here and take on board the way he sees you when you get in contact with him.

If he was the one that broke up with you he will want to keep his distance from you. There is no point in pretending that you haven't broken up and texting him like before, I'm afraid that it just doesn't work like that. He will become frustrated with you and not know how to respond. He will not want to hurt you even further or give you false hope. He might not even respond to you - how terrible would that make you feel?

The best thing for you to do is to stay away from him. Do not be tempted to call or text him as it might make you look crazy and desperate. You DO NOT want him to think that you haven't accepted the break up because it will only make him wary of you. He will be avoiding awkward situations and will not take kindly to you harassing him.

The good news about not contacting him is that he will sit up and take notice of you all of a sudden. Why are you not texting him anymore? Have you better things to do with your time? Are you over him? This will scare him and he will start to get curious about your life. He will then be the one who gets in touch with you. This is the most popular way to get your boyfriend back, so use it!

Don't - Fall for Friendship

Staying friends after a breakup is one of the oldest tricks in the book and you need to be smarter than to fall for that off the bat. Keeping him around in any capacity often seems better than letting go, but it's not something that you should be willing to do. At the moment it may seem hard to stand up for yourself but telling him no to a friendship will significantly increase his attraction. You want to be someone that is impossible to resist and if you turn down his offer you're already well on the way to achieving your end goal.

Don't - Put Him First

You don't want your ex to think that you're spending all of your free time waiting for the chance to get back together with him and nothing will drive that point home more than refusing to answer his initial phone call. Let him think that you're out having a great time without him and then call him back the next day. While you want to be positive about hearing from him, you don't want it to seem like he's all that's on your mind. Not only will this captivate his interest, it will spike it up to the next level and you're that much closer to rekindling your romance - on your own terms.

Don't - Become a Hermit

Instead of walling yourself up in your apartment with a jug of beer and a wad of tissues, refuse to become a victim to your situation. You don't want your ex-boyfriend to have the upper hand and if you allow yourself to focus on him endlessly, you're going to make the pain even worse. Go out with some of your girlfriends or do a game night with the family. Do whatever it takes to avoid being alone for extended periods of time. If you don't have any other options, keep your mind (and your body) moving. Hit the gym whenever you start feeling down or pick up an old hobby that you love. You want to keep your mind from focusing on the negative any more than it has to and to do that effectively, you need to give it something else to do.

Your Next Steps

You have only just scraped the surface of what you have to do to get him back again. There is so much more that you must familiarize yourself with including male psychology. Learn more about the no contact rule, why it works, what it involves and how it will affect your ex boyfriend. After that you should look out for signs he still likes you. He will be subconsciously giving off clues about how he really feels without even knowing it!

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