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Ways To Make Your Ex Miss You After A Break Up
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Ways To Make Your Ex Miss You After A Break Up

You want your ex to miss you as much as you miss them. It may seem like an impossible task right now, but that is just because you don't understand anything about human psychology. When you get to grips with the psychology of the opposite sex and how they behave after a break up, you will be well on your way to winning your ex back and making them miss you.

Make your ex miss you by staying away from them

This may seem like an incredibly self-explanatory statement but nonetheless it works. If you want to get your ex to miss you then it needs to be done. There is no point showering your ex with gifts or text messages after a break up. This will only repel them further and further away from you. Instead you want to use reverse psychology here, when you do this your ex will suddenly sit up and take notice of you. When your ex thinks that they are going to lose you for good they will act quickly for fear that you will move on without them.

You can't make your ex miss you if you are always present. It may seem like the most natural thing in the world to want to be close to your ex but this is romantic suicide. Exert some willpower here and stay away from your ex if at all possible. This means that you can't send your ex texts, you can't call your ex or leave cryptic messages on Facebook. Remember that your ex will be expecting to hear from you in some form or another. When they don't receive any communication from you at all, they'll wonder what is wrong with you, maybe they will be worried and then make the effort to contact you themselves.

This is ultimately what you want. You don't want to contact your ex yourself, instead you want to make them think that getting in touch with you was their idea. Then you will not look like the crazy ex. This is a subtle yet extremely powerful implementation of reverse psychology. It works and it works well.

Make your ex miss you by improving your social life

Your ex was probably banking on the fact that they would move on before you. When you suddenly seem like you are moving on and getting on with your life they will be shocked upset and their egos will be bruised. They thought that you would be sitting at home and pining for them after the break up for at least a couple of months. When you don't do this they will start questioning if you ever loved them at all, if you are glad that you broke up, if you are interested in someone else or if you have moved on completely.

You don't have to go around shouting that you are interested in someone else however. There are more subtle ways of making your ex feel that you are over them. You don't want to rub it in your ex's face either, this will make getting back together very difficult as they will have a lot of feelings of resentment towards you. Showing your ex that you have moved on does not necessarily have to mean that you start dating again. The last thing that you want to do is involve somebody else and hurt them too. Instead, throw yourself back into your life. This is the last thing that your ex will be expecting, and also the first thing that will start to make them reconsider the breakup and their reasons behind it.

It is human nature to expect your ex to pine for you. It is huge boost to the ego to know that your ex still has feelings for you and can't move on. Everyone secretly wishes this even though they don't want to get back together with their ex. What do you want to do instead, is NOT give your ex what they want. When you play into their hands then they will have all the power. They will subsequently start wondering where you are, what you're up to, and who you are doing it with. Basically their minds will be in overdrive. The best thing about this is that you don't have to do anything at all – their imagination will fill in the gaps by itself.

Remember that you can't force anyone to miss you, it has to be a process that happens naturally and something that you ex does themselves. You can however implement certain techniques to speed up the process, make your ex realise that the breakup was a mistake and put yourself back on their minds constantly. Knowing these techniques is a big part of the battle in winning your ex back. After that all you have to do is put a plan of action in place. Learn everything you can about the opposite sex and human behaviour after a break up. Then you will be able to anticipate your ex's actions and respond to them effectively, positively and attractively.

Your Next Steps

Now that you know something about using psychology to make your ex miss you, you need to learn everything else about how to win your ex back. It is no good start stopping here. Your next steps are learning about how your ex really feels about you. There are specific signs ex still likes you, learn them and decipher them to know where you stand.

When contact with your ex finally is reestablished you will need to know how to handle it to make your ex become highly attracted to again. Contact with your ex is vital if you want to get them back, make them desire you and miss you like crazy.

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