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Ways To Win Back An Ex Using Human Psychology
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Ways To Win Back An Ex Using Human Psychology

All breakups are hard. When you never saw it coming, however, it wreaks havoc on your emotions, your physical body and your mind. An unexpected breakup has a tendency to eat to the core of your heart and mind. It can lead to deep depression, more stress than you think you can handle and a sense of helpless panic. Worst of all, though, an unexpected breakup can make you lose your inherent sense of hope and make you feel like your world is at an end, even though it's still possible to get your relationship back.

It's far too easy to make a mistake after your relationship has crashed and burned. Most people don't take a moment's pause before diving back into the fire in order to try to salvage their relationship from the wreckage. The rush ultimately undoes all of their efforts - they move too quickly and only destroy their chance to get their relationship back at all.

There is no quick way to reclaim a broken relationship. Sure, you'd like there to be a fast, easy solution that can put the events of the past few days on hold so you can move on like nothing happened. Unfortunately, things don't work that way. Diving right in and trying to rebuild your relationship before the rubble has ever settled at all is not the way to go about rebuilding a romance. There are certain actions that can be taken directly after a breakup, but not in the way you're assuming. You'll want to look before you leap and think things through before you start making any moves at all.

Coming to Grips with Your Breakup:

When your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend left you and the relationship behind, it felt like a rejection - because it was one. The moments that the words left their mouth, you were mentally scrambling to try to come up with a way to change the reality of the breakup itself. More often than not, your first instinct is to fight with every ounce of energy you have in order to try and make sure that the breakup never happens at all.

Your efforts didn't pay off. Instead of logically starting to think things through and coming up with an alternative (and more positive) solution, you felt yourself slipping into a sense of panic. You tried to use words to convince your ex that the two of you were great together once - and you could be great together again. You reminded them how much you cared for them, and that your feelings hadn't changed - completely ignoring the fact that their feelings HAD. They didn't take any of your words seriously, and why would they? They decided to call things off, and they have no real reason to think about another option.

One Change to Help Even the Odds:

There is one simple change that can even the odds and get your ex to start seeing a point of view aside from their own. Right now, you're not a very attractive prospect to them - but you could be. The key to fixing your relationship is to make your ex want you again.

Getting your ex to change their perception of you is a lot easier said than done, however. They're not likely to come to an abrupt change of heart without a good, genuine reason to reconsider. They thought through your relationship before they ever decided to make a move at all. Because of the time they had to consider, they're convinced that their decision was the right one to make - and only a huge change is going to shake things up and give your ex the reason to reconsider that they currently can't even see.

All of your actions and behavior up to this point have done nothing to alter your ex's thinking. More arguing, more fighting and more emotional pleas are unlikely to fare any better. In order to get them to start rethinking the breakup, you'll have to do something radically different. Stop the negative behaviors entirely - and re-embody the person that your ex initially fell in love with in the beginning.

You're ex is looking for the beginning stages of a relationship again. They want the intense attraction, the chase and the honeymoon phase when it feels as though nothing could possibly go wrong. This point is where your desires and your ex's desires differ. They don't think that they can have that again with you. You know that they can. Right now your ex is looking for that relationship elsewhere because they don't think that you can give them that feeling anymore - but you can.

In order to show them how wrong they've been, you'll need to do a lot more than use words to convince them. You'll need to back up your words with actions. That means leaving the broken-down, heartbroken and desperate persona behind, and embracing the strong, sexy and confident person that initially caught your ex's eye when you first met. Leave the depression and the pity party behind you willingly, and move forward with confidence into a bright new future.

Putting Yourself Back In the Picture Proactively:

Don't lose heart if you made a lot of initial mistakes, and now you and your ex have been separated for what feels like an eternity. There are still ways you can undo the damage and begin to become a part of their lives again. You can become a very real part of their lives and work your way into their minds - and their hearts all over again.

You can't just dive headlong into the fray and cross your fingers that things are going to work out in your favor. You'll need a plan that can guide you through the process each and every step of the way. That will give you the golden edge that can make a world of difference in getting back together. You want to be as prepared as possible - and your ex will never even see it coming until it's too late.

What's Next?

To win your ex back you have to be proactive and have faith that it will happen. The first step is to put a plan in place, the second is to avoid these break up mistakes like the plague. If you are guilty of any of these things then you will have to nip them in the bud now or your ex's view of you will be damaged for good.

Another thing that you should be doing is to find out how your ex really feels about you, not by coming out and asking them of course. There are more subtle signs ex still likes you. Learn them and spot them so that you know where you really stand with your ex.

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