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What Happens When Has Left You?
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Emotional shock

During the first shock state to keep you going not absorb all the implications of the decision at once. Man refuses to realize that it's over. The reaction is normal. Soon enough insight into drops.


Oddly enough, put the pain started endorphins. One can feel a little excited shortly after a breakup, which in turn can give a bad conscience. "How cool is that I feel a little bit GAY!?"


The memory has a tendency to want to protect us from unpleasant facts. We may have "forgotten" divisive quarrels and therefore think that the end will come as a bolt from the blue.

Physical pain

The whole body is affected by the emotional stress. To feel pain and discomfort in that part of the body which otherwise is one weak spot, such as neck, back, abdomen or head, is common.

Change in appetite and metabolism

In connection with the difficult divorce, people can go down ten pounds in a week. It is not just to grief makes it difficult to eat. Adrenaline in the blood increases metabolism and the whole process actually consumes large amounts of energy.

Bu then on day you find your new love. This is what you must do to extend and deepen the relationship.

Be generous

Bid on yourself and worry about. Give attention and thoughtfulness. It is when we are seen as it is given to give back, and you usually get back what you give.

Teach your partner how you want to be treated

Do not walk on the old "if-he-loves-me-should-he-know-what-I-do" myth. Accuse not generalizing, but was clear and direct about what you want to be treated.

Grow your internal joke

A joint civil and humor that is cultivated and refined is a lush oasis in a storm. If you laugh at the same things, so crying is probably the same things and then you can never be completely alien to what is in each others internal.

Throw out your TV

The average person watch TV 864 hours a year. It is too much. Give some time to your partner instead.

Dare to do things on your own

Common experience is the glue in a relationship, but experience alone is like opening the windows to the outside world and sniff. It adds new perspective and enable you to see at each other with less open mind.

Stroll along the Memory Lane

To get your ex back whether you are traveling back to places where there is romance, love memories or if you look at old photos together, so put the relationship in a strong context and reminds one of love's unique nature.

Give each other nicknames

Athletes have made what it is about. In the sports context is nicknamed well spent, as a way of showing that you care about and believe in the person. Your relationship is worth the same pep-talk! While giving nicknames that have been invented in the relationship a sense that the relationship is strong and unique.

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