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Does your relationship or marriage need a rescue? Does it seem like the love and romance is gone but you’re not ready to give up? Be careful about asking advice from family and friends as they’re pretty sure to be biased. And the therapists and counselors out there will all pretty much tell you the same thing and not really give you something you can act on.

One of the best things you can do right off the bat is to be honest with each other. Without honesty you’re just spinning your wheels. And even more importantly you will have to be honest about yourselves. That’s harder than it sounds and will probably be more difficult than being honest with each other. If the both of you aren’t willing to admit you own shortcomings then it will fairly difficult to rescue your relationship.

Take responsibility for what may be personal flaws or that there may be some truth in your partner’s complaints about you or the situation. You probably have things that you want your mate to change…well they probably have some things they want changed about you. Keep an open mind about this…both of you. You both need to be willing to compromise…that’s a must in any good relationship or marriage.

If you want them to change then you must be willing to change as well…it can’t be a one way street. Don’t be prideful and the both of you take the time to work it out. If there is true love here then anything is possible for you. Consider changing your perspective, try a different approach. When you look at something in a different perspective a lot of times things don’t seem so bad. If you think your spouse works too much and doesn’t spend enough time at home…then think about what if they were unemployed with no prospects on the horizon or maybe worse.

Another thing is to ask about a situation instead of assuming the worst. Talk through your differences and once they’re resolved let that be the end of it. You can’t hold grudges against each other and then throw them in each other’s faces in the heat of a disagreement. Once it’s settled move on. Don’t fight for the same ground twice. One of the most destructive forces in a relationship is throwing past events in the middle of a disagreement that has nothing to do with what the argument is about to begin with.

If you and your mate are really serious about rescuing your relationship these ideas can be of help. But just understand that it takes two to tango and that one of you can’t do it without the other.

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