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Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back With These Strategies
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Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back With These Strategies

Knowing how to reverse a breakup and win your ex boyfriend back is a process. Unfortunately, it is a process that is often designed to fail. Chances of getting back together at the time of a breakup are already slim to none and every single mistake you make could push them into the never category. That's why there's no wiggle room for trial and error - you either have it, or you don't. This plan may require some drastic measures that you weren't expecting but it does get results. If you're thinking up ways to change his mind, don't waste your time. You should be thinking up ways to get him to chase you instead - and that's what this plan is for.

Point #1 - Don't Encourage a Messy Breakup:

The first step is two-fold and both parts play an equal role in determining the outcome. Before you can really focus on reclaiming your lost relationship, you have to recognize that it's gone. Now is not the time to write his name repeatedly in your notebook and plan for your first children's names. Now is the time to understand that your relationship is at an end for now. When you get him back you can start planning for a joint, stable future - not now.

Equally essential to the plan is to remove all forms of contact between you and your ex. This may require some sacrifices on your part. If temptation becomes too much to handle, you can try turning your cell phone off and unplugging your computer. This is the point where a lot of women fall short. The next point is designed to give you the best shot possible to keep firm and avoid all contact completely.

Point #2 - Turn Your Focus Inward, not Outward:

Breakups tend to give people tunnel-vision. Even though you have a good life aside from your ex, he's suddenly all you can think about. It's like the reverse of falling in love. When you fall for someone, they are on your mind constantly. When you break up, you experience a similar one-track mind except the emotions associated with it are negative, not positive. Instead of butterflies in your stomach, it feels like a bag of rocks. To avoid falling apart it's best to focus on other things - even though the thought of leaving the house right now seems impossible.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to drag yourself to the gym. It's not going to seem appealing but once you get going it's going to be hard to stop. Exercise naturally enhances your mood and it gets your body moving in healthy, productive ways. It is a wonderful medicine for broken hearts. After a few workouts, you'll notice that you feel a lot lighter than you did. The more you exercise, the better you'll feel - and the better you'll look as well.

Point #3 - Keep Busy with Your Friends:

When going to the gym isn't possible because there are only so many hours you can spend on a treadmill, all hope is far from lost, you can still get him back. Being with other people, especially close friends, has a way of making even the dreariest days more enjoyable. Friends know how to make you laugh. They know the best ways to cheer you up, and they know how to hold you accountable. Friendship is often defined by adversity. By allowing some comfort from your inner-circle, you're mending internal wounds - and building a better chance of mending fences with your ex-boyfriend in the process.

These three points can propel you towards reconciliation in more ways than you may think. A positive outlook is an essential part of success in the business world, and relationships are no different. If you stop to think about what your ex has been up to while you've been working the plan, guess what? You're not alone. He's been wondering about you - and your distinct absence has certainly not gone unnoticed.

Instead of wasting time trying to chase down a relationship with someone who doesn't want to be caught, you've focused on yourself. You've taken the pressure off of him, and in the process you've improved yourself, mentally and physically. Instead of hitting the road, your ex is going to be beating a path back to your door. Now it's up to him to win YOU back, and not the other way around. Honestly, what could be better?

Your Next Steps

You have learnt some effective strategies to win your ex boyfriend back, but it doesn't stop here. Now you have to decipher his actions and what he says to work out what he really feels about you. There are signs he still loves you if you know how to identify them.

You also need to know all about no contact with him and why it works so well to make him come chasing after you again. Play your cards right and you could be back together before you know it!

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