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Winning Back An Ex Boyfriend - How It's Done
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Winning Back An Ex Boyfriend  -  How It\'s Done

After an unwanted breakup, it's normal to become nearly obsessed with the idea of getting back together. It consumes every waking moment and may even keep you from sleeping. There are many ways to deal with the heartache associated with a surprise or unexpected breakup - especially if your end goal is to get your ex-boyfriend back. Remember - not all solutions work. You can make the process more tolerable by keeping a steady head and a calm demeanor (in public). You really can't afford to lose your cool now. Your best chance to get your ex back is to think clearly and take some decisive action.

You need to plan your next moves carefully. Your reaction to the breakup and what happens immediately afterward can make or break your chances of reconnecting. Know what should be avoided and what will give you the best chances. Whatever you do, don't give into the mistakes that trip up a lot of women who find themselves in similar situations.

Post Breakup Actions

After a relationship ends, it's normal to feel an immense sense of loss. It's a traumatic event that works its way into every aspect of your life whether you want it to or not. All you can think about is how to get your relationship back and make all the problems go away. You think that every moment that you spend apart will enable him to get over you quicker. Your mind is filled with every possible scenario your imagination can dish up from where he's going to who he's with.

As trite as it sounds, it's possible that you're not acting in your own best interest in the midst of this difficult situation. If you take action but do it at the wrong time, you could throw a wrench in all of your plans and screw up your potential chance. If you act impulsively too often, you can guarantee your own failure. Rationality is your best asset right now and it is absolutely imperative that you think before taking any drastic measures that could blow up in your face.

Obviously you need to have a conversation with your ex, but immediately following the breakup is not the time to try. Your ex is probably doing everything he can to avoid running into you around town, and if you've messaged him, he's probably not responding - or at least not quickly. That's to be expected and it doesn't mean that you're simply out of luck. After a breakup, some time, space and distance is actually healthy - for both of you. Waiting is difficult but it's a necessary part of the process. Just because you can't approach him right this instant doesn't mean that you have to sit at home and twiddle your thumbs.

With all these things to avoid, is there any action you can take to make the process quicker? The answer is: Absolutely.

How did you react to the breakup? You may not have had control over yourself and your reactions in the heat of the moment, and that's okay. It doesn't mean you've lost out on your opportunity. Your e is banking on the fact that you're still pining over him. He's seeing you as a twisted form of a safety net. If he knows that he can get you back any time he feels like it, he has no reason to reconsider his decision to walk away and nothing really has been lost. One of your best options is to pull that net out from under him and get him to think things through with the knowledge that he may be forced with the reality of losing you for good.

Rekindle His Interest

There are two main points here that need to be taken into consideration in order for you to enable the best result. First, your ex-boyfriend isn't going to even consider the possibility of getting back together until he starts to miss you again. Secondly, he can't miss you if you never left.

Ideally, you want to give your ex the impression that you're moving on (even though nothing could be farther from the truth). Consider it to be your side of the breakup - the side that you have control over. He chose to take himself out of the future you had planned together when he left the relationship initially - and now is your opportunity to do the same. By not chasing after him or begging for another chance, you're showing him that you're adapting to your new life - and you're doing it without him.

His mind is instantly going to start feeling with questions that have no easy answers. He's going to start wondering what's going on in your life that has made you change your whole perspective on the relationship. You're not calling him anymore. He's not getting any texts or emails. He's automatically going to start to wonder if the reason behind your absence is because you've got something (or someone) else occupying your time. The thought is going to drive him crazy.

He may have had his reasons for the breakup, but he never expected that he would have to watch you move on without him. He's not going to like the thought that you may be replacing him with another guy. Once these thoughts, doubts and uncertainties take hold, he's going to need to take immediate action. Chances are high that he wasn't as sure of the breakup as he led you to believe. If he had any lingering doubts, your actions are going to kick them into high gear. He's going to have to do something if he's not okay with the idea of losing you for good.

Your Ex Still Feels for You

You've been hung up on the love and care you have for your ex ever since he ended things. You need to understand that he is too - no matter what he said to the contrary. These feelings grew deeper and stronger over time and they don't just vanish instantly.

Instead of discounting them, you should be putting these lingering feelings to work. You don't have to club him over the head with them - you can act in a way that makes him acknowledge them without having to be obvious. If you can bring your connection to light by way of shared memories and experiences, you can put yourself in an optimal position for reconciliation.

Know that being careful right now is in your best interest. You can't just go for the first idea that comes to mind and expect it to be successful. Like any other interpersonal task, getting an ex-boyfriend back can be taught and put into practice. With well-armed knowledge, you can make anything happen in a way that works out in your favor.

Your Next Steps

Your work does not stop here, you will have to learn how to make him want you back and this involves understanding a little bit about the male psyche. If you want to get him back then you will also have to make him miss you, this is key. He is never going to want to get back together with you if he doesn't feel a void in his life. You can create this void if you do things properly.

Now that you are a little more confident about what you are doing, it is time to read the signs he still loves you. This will enable you to know what you are doing right and wrong along the way. You also don't want to be making a fool of yourself if he has moved on.

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