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Body Board Buying Guide
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When purchasing a body board, do your homework. Familiarize yourself with body board terminology. Especially the different materials used to construct body boards. Having a thorough knowledge will help you avoid making a bad choice and not being satisfied with the product.

One of the first things to consider is the design of the board.

There are two basic tail designs: crescent and bat tail

Crescent tail: It's like an upside-down "U" shape. Crescents help to hold the rider's hips in place, giving the rider more control on the wave. This type of tail design works well for prone and drop knee riders.

Bat Tail: It's like the name implies. The tail resembles a bat's wingspan. Bat tails are more "squirrelly" in the wave. In other words, bat tails are looser in the water, but it makes it easier to do 360s.

Rails also come in different designs

50/50 rails. The top and bottom chines of the rail are the same width. This rail design displaces less water than a 60/40 rail. The 50/50 creates less drag in the water than a 60/40 rail.

60/40 rails. These rails are more suitable for big waves. They tend to hold better in big waves.

The rounded rail. This rail creates the least resistance in the water, therefore increasing the speed of the board.

Wide nose versus narrow nose

Wide nose boards are more suitable for prone riders. A narrow nose board with wide tail seem to work better for drop knee riders.

Flat bottom boards offer the least resistance but also has the least amount of control. Dual channels hold better in the wave and offer the most control. Tunnel bottoms offer the most control, but are slower.

Construction materials.

Polypropylene (or more commonly known as polypro) is more expensive than polyethylene core but is well worth it. Polypro is lighter, more responsive and performs better than polyethylene. Polypro comes in two types: extruded, which means it's cut from a long sheet of foam. Beaded is the other type, meaning it's a closed-cell core. It looks like a foam cooler. Extruded pp is fast and more rigid than beaded pp.

Polyethylene (or PE) flexes more than PP boards, which generates more instantaneous response and projection. PE boards work better in colder water.

3D Core. PE boards are flexible and PP boards are stiff. 3D Cores are in between, it's not too flexible and not too stiff.

EPS Expanded Polystyrene Foam is basically used in starter boards, costing less than a $100.

Slick Bottoms are usually made with Surlyn. Surlyn is made from ethylene resins and other copolymers developed and manufactured by Dupont.

Stringers are the last item to consider. A single stringer board is more suitable for small waves. A two or three stringer board is more for larger waves.

Being familiar with this terminology will help you to understand what you're reading on the packaging of the new boards. It will also help you make a wiser choice.

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