What Are Chi Running Shoes?
Many people don't know what chi running shoes actually are or where they came from. If you asked me even a few weeks…
Is Lebron James Better Than Michael Jordan?
The past couple of years we have heard sports analysts comparing Lebron James to Michael Jordan. This statement makes…
8 Steps to Choose A Beginner Road Bike
Road biking is definitely a great way to have fun, improve your fitness and engage in other social activities. Nonetheless,…
How To Choose A Fly Line
There are several things to consider when you want to choose a fly line. This guide will explain these and give you…
How to Build A Fly Fishing Leader
When getting ready to go fly fishing the leader is the last thing to get added to the fly line and if you don't know…
Proper Age Development
My Goal I understand football as one of the richest, most enjoyable sporting activities whose implications on the development…
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Hockey Workout for Endurance
Hockey is an extremely competitive sport and you need to take every advantage you can get. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can greatly improve your on ice ability through hard work on the ice. Hockey workouts for endurance are a very important factor…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Hockey   Oct 12, 2011  
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Rick Story VS Dong Hyun Kim?
If you been keeping up with the world of MMA lately you've noticed that two welterweight prospects, Rick Story and Dong Hyun Kim have recently taken a hit in their stocks and had lost there most recent fights. Rick Story lost a lopsided decision to Charlie Brenneman while Kim faced…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports   Aug 08, 2011  
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How to Slam Dunk
How to Slam Dunk Being able to slam dunk is one of the mostly advanced and highly sought after skills in Basketball. Slam dunking a basketball instantly demonstrates your expertise, giving you credibility as a player. Over the years entire exhibitions and competitions have been created, revolving around dunking, amazing…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Basketball   May 02, 2011  
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Why The HPI Racing Baja 5b Series Remain The Best 1:5 Scale Rc Cars
There are a lot of contenders to the throne of the best off road buggy, Exceed RC have a great contender with the Exceed RC Barca 1:5 scale rc cars, with excellent power ratios and incredible torque, making it one of the quickest RC cars on the market. The CEN…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Extreme   Apr 06, 2011  
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Basketball Dribbling Drills for Beginners
One of the most challenging tasks for beginners and coaches is teaching ball handling skills. Dribbling a basketball for young players can be difficult because of the coordination required to control the ball and the size of the ball itself can be a problem. Also, because dribbling is new to…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Basketball   Apr 07, 2011  
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What Kind Of Golf Shoes Are Best?
When you play 18 holes of golf, you are on your feet for three to five hours or more. On a typical 6,500-yard course you may walk 4-6 miles uphill, downhill and sidehill. Your feet must provide stability during your golf swing. If your feet slip during your swing, your…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Golf   Jun 07, 2011  
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What Are the Pros And Cons Of Remote Control Petrol Cars?
When you think about remote control cars, you probably picture a bulky, cumbersome car with a prehistoric remote, that crawls along at slow speeds, and takes a massive amount of batteries. In fact, you are thinking you should have purchased shares in Energizer. Fast forward to 2011 and take a…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Extreme   May 17, 2011  
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TO is Tremendously Offensive
There is no question that TO is a great offensive football player but he unquestionably has no place on a football team because of his offensive behavior. As parents and coaches we spend a lot of time working with kids about being good people, family members and teammates. While we…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Football   Aug 22, 2011  
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Uconn Success But at What Cost
While the NCAA recently crowned the University of Connecticut as its Division 1 Champion for the 2010-2011 basketball season, the success of this elite program is coming under scrutiny about the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate (APR) score. The question becomes success but at what cost, to the coach, the University,…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Basketball   May 04, 2011  
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Flexibility For MMA
When I think of the difference between professional mixed martial artists and traditional martial artists using something like Kung Fu, I think of flexibility. Flexibility in its direct meaning is the absolute range of motion of a joint which can be increased by stretching. When you see traditional martial artists…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports   Aug 11, 2011  
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How to Skate Faster - Hockey And Speedskating
There are two main aspects to improve your skating speed: technique and power. Lets talk about technique briefly. There are a few main things to focus on to improve your stride. When taking your stride, extend your leg fully, even pushing with your ankles at the end. It is easy…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Hockey   Oct 03, 2011  
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Running Without Music
One of the intricacies of running lies with whether or not one listens to music during the runs.
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Running   Jan 24, 2011  
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Battery Operated Rc Cars Vs Nitro Remote Control Cars
Most people who run any kind of RC car already know the ups and downs of running the various types of vehicles. There are some different aspects and points to consider when you are determining whether to run battery operated or nitro remote control cars. Battery operated RC cars are…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Extreme   Apr 18, 2011  
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Cheap Hiking Boots Will Cause You To Miss The Beauty Of The Trail
So, you splurged and went out and purchased a brand new pair of "cheap hiking boots" at your local shoe store. Now you're ready to tackle that awesome hiking trail in the state park next week, right? The boots that you bought are so cute and everyone will be talking…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports   Apr 13, 2011  
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Can You Blame Lebron James for Choosing the Miami Heat?
Lebron James got a lot of flack for leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat. You can not blame Lebron when you look at the caliber of the two players he is with now. First, lets look at Dwyane Wade who was the number 5 pick in…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Basketball   Jun 02, 2011  
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No matter what you do in your personal life, gym exercise is always recommended for you in all cases.…
Welcome back, sky walkers. I'm hoping you observed the time to look at the latest lunar eclipse.…
If you are in the market for a good mountain bike selling for under $300, I've got some bad news…
The quality trendy technologies are developed with multifunctional working amd progressive advantages.…
As a young boy I learned the art of lake fishing from my father who loved fishing as much as any…
Playing sport, whether with family or friends, is one of life’s great pleasures, and hopefully…

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