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Buying Womens Hiking Boots Online: The Benefits And Drawbacks
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You've been on some short hikes with friends, wearing your sneakers or running shoes. Now, you think you're ready to take on longer hikes and some backpacking. You're ready to buy some ladies hiking boots. You've researched them and found the ones you want. You know they're available at the local outdoor shop but you also know they're available online for a bit less cost. Which ones should you buy

Should you just go to the local store, try them on there and buy them, if they fit? Or should you order them online, knowing that you'll be able to return them if you need to?

Sometimes, this predicament is a bit of a quandary and can be confusing. You can definitely save some money by ordering them online but if they aren't right for you, you will be out the expense of shipping them back. What to do?

Here are some advantages of buying them locally:

1. The store is just a short drive away. Convenience.

2. You can try them on right there in the store and if they don't fit, you can look at something else that's available in the store.

Those are the two main advantages of buying locally. Here are some disadvantages of buying locally.

1. They only stock about five or six different brands of hiking boots/shoes. They may or may not have the specific brand you've set your mind on. If they don't, they'll likely try to sell you something that you don't want.

2. You can only try the boots on at the store for a short time before you buy them. This means that you're not able to wear them for long periods of time while your feet decide whether or not they fit right for long hikes.

3. You do have to get in your car and drive to the store and then you have to hassle with a salesperson who may or may not know what he's talking about. He/she may or may not be an experienced hiker but he'll sure try to make you think he/she is. He/she wants the sale, after all.

There are probably other advantages and disadvantages and if you think of them, that's great. We're just trying to make you use your head and make a decision that you can live with. Don't be stupid. Think this through because your new ladies hiking boots are going to cost you a pretty penny.

Now, let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying online.


1. Humongous selection! You can find just about any hiking boot on Earth by performing a general search or a specific item search.

2. No sales person to bother you, pressure you or look bored while you're trying on the various boots. (and you don't have to have a guilty conscience for making them take the shoes back and bring you another pair over and over again).

3. No traffic. The boot is delivered right to your door, many times without any shipping charge.

4. You can wear the boots around the house all day long, for several days, to determine whether they are going to work for you. Don't go outside or leave the house with them on or you've bought them, but you can keep them on and walk all over the place indoors. This will give you a much better indication of whether or not these hiking boots are the right ones for you.

5. Privacy. No one is going to be watching you. You can dance in the boots, walk around naked in the boots or do anything as long as you don't damage them.

6. They're usually (but not always) cheaper online because there is no store front or stocking fee.

7. Prices!! You will be able to find the very best bargains available for the specific hiking boot that you have your mind set on. You don't have to worry about getting the best deals. All you've got to do is search a little and they'll be there!

Ok, here then are some disadvantages of buying via the Internet:

1. Shipping charges if you return the boots. If a mistake was made, shipping is usually on the merchant.

2. You only have a picture to go on when you're picking them out (unless you use the "local tryout strategy," discussed in the next section).

3. You have to try them on and if they don't fit or you don't like the looks or something else, you have to return them. This usually means a trip to the local post office and your standing in a long line for a while.

That's about it. Can you think of any other advantages or disadvantages of buying hiking boots either online or locally?

Depending on how you feel about the morality of it all, you could use the following strategy which we'll call the "local tryout strategy."

Remember that you need to know a few things about hiking boots so you'll know exactly what you're looking for. Things like what kinds of materials are available, what kinds of soles are the best, the choicest of the foot beds and things like this.

1. Find the pair of women's waterproof hiking boots that you want online. Alternatively, go shopping in the local outdoor shops, outfitters or sporting goods shops.

2. Call the local outdoor shops or sporting goods stores and find out who carries that particular brand and whether or not they have the specific model of boot that you're interested in.

3. If they do have that boot in stock, in your size, go visit them and try the boot on. See if you like the way it fits and the way it looks. Then simply tell them either that you don't like it or you'll have to give it some thought.

4. Go home, get on the Internet and order that very boot from an online merchant.

Now, keep in mind that the success of this strategy depends entirely on whether or not the boots you tried on at the store and the boots online are exactly the same boot, the sizes match, the colors match, etc. Also, if you have a conscience, you may feel very guilty about using this strategy.

Another thing you can do is, while you're out shopping and goofing around just visit some local merchants and try on their hiking boots. Make note of the size that fits you the best. Then if you order a pair of that particular brand, you'll know which size, in that brand, is yours.

The reason for the last idea is because every different brand fits their shoes differently. One company's size 6 may be a half size smaller than another company's size 6. So, once you know which is your right size for any particular brand name boot, you'll feel a lot more confident about ordering from them online, in the future.

One can find a plethora of various types, colors, brands and other variations of women's waterproof hiking boots by doing an online search for them.

We suggest you take advantage of those searches and look through each of the merchant's sites. You're going to be totally overwhelmed because there are so many varieties to choose from (this is a good thing).

What you should do, for more information, is take a look at the guide: What To Look For When Buying A New Pair of Quality Hiking Boots. This will help you narrow down your choices and make it a little easier for you to choose the very best women's hiking boot for you.

Another great thing to know and understand is how you can find a simple solution for cleaning Gore-Tex linings. This may come in very handy once you actually purchase a pair of hiking boots for yourself

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