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Fishing For Beginners: Getting The Young Ones To The Water
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Once upon a time, fishing was a necessity- meant to put food on the table for a hungry family. As more and more food came from grocery stores and other sources, fishing became more of a family outing, a hobby or for some a sport.

Introducing a newbie to fishing, regardless of their age can be a lot of fun, and may give them a whole new hobby to pass their time. Knowing a few basics can make the trip that much more enjoyable, not only for the new fisherman, but for everyone involved. A beginning fisher-person should keep the following in mind:

1. The right equipment can make the day. Making sure that the pole is of the right size is a good place to start. A child should have a small enough pole to be comfortably handled; there are plenty of brightly colored child-sized poles on the market, many of which come with extras that make the child that much happier. (Make sure that the child understands that just because the pole is small and features a cartoon character, the hooks are still real, which means sharp.)

2. The right location. A gentle farm pond or a fairly placid lake is a good place to learn fishing whereas a rollicking river or the open ocean is not.

3. The right game fish. Hooking a wildly battling large-mouth bass is a challenge for an experienced fisherman, so it may be overwhelming for a new fisher. Monitor a newbie carefully, especially children and be ready to take the pole or cut the line if they look like they are getting into trouble.

4. The right time. Spawning season is a bad time to learn fishing, as is nighttime. (Nighttime generally is prime time for the bigger fish varieties.) Let the beginner log in a few hours in daylight before taking on the nighttime fishing challenge.

Fishing is meant to be relaxing, but a new fisherman in your group may make things a little more exciting. They will probably snag a million times, or break their line, or lose a hook.

They may balk at baiting their hook, especially if they did not realize they would be using live baits. They will cast awkwardly. They will undoubtedly hook themselves a time or two. Keep all of these things in mind and try to be patient. Remember, you were once a newbie fisher-person yourself!

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