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Fishing Tackle: The Gear You Need To Catch The Fish
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Fishermen are a lot of fun to buy gifts for, trust me on this one. They can never have enough fishing tackle, and with the exception of some of the “top of the line” items from the infomercial, the stuff is fairly inexpensive. Ask one of them about their tackle box and you will probably be shocked to see your fishing enthusiast dragging a suitcase sized plastic box filled with about a million little compartments inside of it. This huge box will be filled with countless, brightly colored items, from wee bitty to fairly large and everything in between.

You understand the tackle box, but I bet you are wondering what exactly is “tackle”. The simplest answer to that question is this: Tackle is everything inside of the tackle box except for the actual fishing lures. Tackle takes the lures and makes them effective or easier to use. And tackle is also the stuff that will make your trip easier, safer and ultimately, more rewarding.

Although individual needs will vary, your tackle box will be considered well stocked if it contains the following:

1. Snap swivels or tied leaders. These are metal (brass is a good choice here) which are tied to the end of your line. You can then attach your hooks directly to the snap swivel instead of tying the hook directly onto the line.

2. Bobbers or floaters. Some people fish with them, some will not. Some people prefer the round bobbers, and some prefer the more stick-like ones. Use what you like or you are most comfortable with.

3. Extra line. Lines break or tangle so hopelessly that it is just easier to pull it off and restring your reel, or, you may have to cut your line after a fish pulls your set up to a particularly nasty patch of weeds. Having extra line may mean the difference between fishing for another few hours or having to pack it up and head home before you are really ready.

4. Hooks and sinkers. Your hooks should be in little separate compartments. Ask any bandaged fisherman why this is and you will get a colorful story more than likely not fit for the kiddies. Your sinkers should also be in a container for another reason- they will end up all over if you do not.

5. Bandages. Not only will you hook your finger a couple of times, you will likely encounter the spine of a particularly nasty fish, briars on the way to the fishing hole and other little pitfalls. Having a band-aid to put over a wound may prevent infection, especially if you are too busy fishing to worry about cleaning it right away.

What you fill your tackle box with will ultimately depend on your style of fishing, what type of fish you are after and how much of a gear hound you really are. If you are at all unsure of what you will be fishing for or whether you will actually like the hobby, then keep to the bare basics and add more once you know that you are in fact, a fisherman

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