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Fishing Tips: Separating The Fact From The Fishin’
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No matter where you fish, what you fish for or who you fish with, you will have countless tips given to you. Fishing tips and secrets are just as much a part of fishing as worms and lines are. Some tip bear repeating while others are just so ludicrous that they should only be enjoyed over drinks at the local bar or pub. Regardless of their source, you should know how to separate what is a good, solid tip and what is complete hooey.

Always keep in mind that a good fishing tip should follow these guidelines:

1. It should have some basis in fact, including solid scientific knowledge. A tip that suggests fishing during a certain part of a fish’s life cycle is a good one, and one that does not take these facts into account is not.

2. Should sound believable, but not over the top. Remember the credo; if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

3. Should not include pitches for products, special mixtures or weird sounding home remedy type lures and baits. Sure, the tipster may have had some luck with this concoction a time or two, but do you honestly believe that everything under the sun has not been tried at least once or twice? (If the tipster is a random stranger that just approached you with an “unbiased” endorsement, you may have just met up with a salesman or company rep.)

4. Should not include outlandish claims (outlandish fishing stories? Really?) that suggest monster fish hopping onto your boat and begging to be taken home.

5. Should not suggest anything that smacks of being illegal including trespassing on private property.

Fishing tips can be found everywhere. You can buy books, research on the web or talk to other fisherman. The things that work have been around for virtually forever, because they work. Nearly everything that you can imagine has been tried at least once or twice.

Something you have had success with during one fishing trip will fail miserably the next time. Remember that fishing is not an exact science, sometimes it comes down to trial and error, timing and just plain good luck. Sometimes you will have your daily limit in the matter of an hour and others you will be lucky if you get a tentative nibble during the entire day. Keep your tips organized into what is worth a try and which should just be ignored, and enjoy your fishing trip.

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