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Henceforth, I Will Only Watch The Super Bowl Game With My Loyal And Trusted Friend; My Dog
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If you are a football enthusiast and really want to enjoy watching the super bowl game, forget about having a bunch of loud and rowdy friends over. Although several months have passed since the last game, my head is still pounding from all the noise. Everyone talking over each other. The inability to hear the announcer call the plays. Of course the spouse is hovering around rolling her eyes because of all the loud noise, and wondering if beer will be spilled all over the place. These distractions really take away from the ambiance.

In addition to the aforementioned, I am faced with the possibility of my team losing, and of course, must defend and justify why I invited so many people over. The ole girl may have a justifiable point there. Nonetheless, I am just tired of the whole scene. After the game, all the remaining food, snacks, sodas, beer and anything else of any worth will be examined to determine which item(s) can be taken. It must be pointed out that no one entered the house with any of the above listed items.

In some cases, it is necessary to referee the taking of the food game. With most still feeling the affects of the beer and booze, it is not a pretty sight to behold. Grown men and women acting as children fighting over a favorite toy. In addition to my team losing, which left me in a state of depression, I must deal with this. They want to re-cap the interesting plays of the game, and I am thinking to myself, please go home. The situation is further exacerbated when a few of them decides to raid the regular in-house refrigerator.

When it gets to the point where I can no longer tolerate this madness, I announce it is time to let the dog out for a break. That one statement works every time. All of a sudden, the house is cleared. They all know my dog doesn’t tolerate any foolishness. If my loyal and trusted friend, senses I am upset, he will come to my aid. Even the spouse will not nag at me when my best friend is near. Although, he has never displayed an aggressive stance toward the wife, which I would not allow, it is the way he acts when I am being yelled at.

Example, not if, but when the wife yells at me, his ears will perk-up and he will stand close to me. Sometimes, like this so-called super bowl party, the wife wish I would leave and take the dog with me. This is the only time I will personally clean the house. Otherwise, I would call one of those house cleaning services.

No more hosting any super bowl parties for me. My dog and I will view all future bowl games alone. When I celebrate a winning play, my dog will also celebrate with me. No arguing, no fussing, and most importantly, no huge mess to clean. Thank you dog for being my loyal and trusted friend.

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