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First of all, I will differentiate between my most exciting player, and the very best player. My most exciting player is not the same as my very best player. I will discuss my very best player at a later date. Some will contend that the best game to watch is a good defensive one. Conversely, some others will defend the offensive aspect. As in everything else, we all have our likes and dislikes and will defend them to the very end. That is a good thing; otherwise, life would be very boring.

Imagine sitting in a stadium wherein the temperature is hovering around five degrees. With the temperature at this level, just sitting there watching a mostly defensive game, will most likely expose some parts of your body to frost bite. To thrive in this type of element, one would need something to get the adrenaline flowing. If the score ends in a six to three win, and even if your favorite team won, you would be extremely cold returning to your car.

On the other hand, same stadium and temperature. The ball is spotted on the offensive team’s own four-yard line. The quarterback receives the snap from the center. The quarterback drops back as if to pass and flips a lateral to the running back. With the on-coming defensive rush, it appears the running back will be tackled in his own end zone for a safety. Miraculously, after putting a fake on a few players and evading a few others, you observe the running back heading up the left sideline, for a ninety-six yard touchdown.

Whether this player is playing for your team or not, if you love football you will leave your seat. You will instantly forget how cold it is, because you have witnessed a play that got the adrenaline flowing. Even though another play of this magnificence may not occur for the remainder of the game, each time that particular half back touches the ball, your anticipation will flow off the charts.

Guess what? On the very next offensive play by this team, the half back runs for a seventy-six yard touchdown. You are so excited, you feel as if you are over dressed. It is almost impossible to control your glee. You are dancing, singing, and just having a very good time.

The game is now over, and your team won. Final score, thirty-eight to twenty-one. That half back ended with a total of two-hundred twenty-four rushing yards.

B - best excitement ever

A - always exciting

R - rather see him with the ball

R - run baby run

Y - you can really run that ball

S - something to marvel about

A - another great game

N - no one more exciting

D - don’t know why you retired so early

E - everyone misses you

R - really enjoyed your games

S - someone to always remember.

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