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Never Play Golf With Him Again
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Never Play Golf With Him Again

Have you ever hated your day at the golf course from the start of the day to the end of the day, well I have. It amazes me how hard it is to get four guys together to go golfing, amazing.

I am driving the course is about 40-55 km from home, so we have an 8:00 tee of time, I hate being late earlier the better. Well I guess I didn’t mention that enough times when we were making plans. As if 20-30 times wasn't enough, Mike told me to shut up about it already, so I did. I figured they understood what I was saying, I was wrong.

The drive is about 1-1.5 hrs pending traffic. So 5:30 I pick up the first, he was ready, loaded all his gear off to the next. By the way, it was a gorgeous day, next Bills house, well he wasn’t waiting but he was almost ready. I think you can see where this is going, there is always one.

Three down one to go, Mike, if he is ready I’ll be amazed, of course not. Knocked on the door, nothing again, nothing trying to look through his window, I see nothing. I don’t really want to knock to loud and wake up the whole house, but if I have to.

I have steam coming from my ears, and veins popping out of my neck, he gets to the door in his underwear. My first words were, well you can guess what they were, not very encouraging. What does he say I got in late last night after the bar closed?

I was dumb founded, what you went to out drinking, are you nuts. How long have we had these plans, well I just went off, I’ll save you the fireworks, to say the least I let him have it. I was done, the guys in the truck were just looking, and they knew I was pissed.

Mike he turned said something behind his breath then went to get ready, half an hour we waited, not sure why. The other guys thought I should wait so I did, not that I wanted to, but I did.

Coffee time now, more time spent the guy is a butt crack, that’s all I have to say. We are at least an hour late or maybe more, not sure but we were late. If you speed, we will still get there in time, yeah sure we will how fast you want me to go.

To say the least it was a very quite ride, of course, we hit traffic looked like rush hour traffic, and the reds, never fails when you’re late. Late, by the time all was said and done, we were a bit more than late.

Turned around and went home, if you thought the ride there was quite I lost it on the way home all the way I never shut up, he pissed me off. Never again, if the other guys need to golf with this jerk, well good luck to them. I’ll hit the 9 hole course by myself.

That was my bad day golfing, you too, leave a comment and tell your bad golf day, get it off your chest it will make you feel better.

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