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Preparing For A Camping Trip
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When preparing for a camping trip it's important to prepare well. Creating a checklist is one of the most important thing to do.This will spare you the grief of forgetting important items. It's a good idea to create this checklist well before your camping trip.

Make sure to have all your important paperwork and documents like camping and parking permits, i.d.. car registration, proof of insurance, etc. Make sure someone who's not going on this camping trip has your contact number.

You should decide at least a week in advance who's cooking the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. This gives all of you a clear idea of what foodstuff to pack.

Obviously, tents and bedding are your most important items. It's a good idea to test out your camping gear before your camping trip. You don't want to discover that you have a broken tent pole or non-working stove at the campsite.

Next is a canopy. Campsites usually have picnic tables, so a canopy will keep your drygoods protected from the elements: wind and rain. A windbreak fastened to the windward side of your canopy will also help. When attaching the windbreak to your canopy it's okay to fasten the top and sides of canopy with ropes. On the bottom of the windbreak, I find it better to use short bungie cords. This gives the windbreak some flex so the wind doesn't damage your windbreak.

In Hawaii most campgrounds are in beach areas. This means that rain squalls and wind come in from the ocean. So your windbreak should face the ocean. A well constructed canopy, at least 8'x8' in size, works well. A 12'x12' canopy is even better, since it affords you more room to walk around the picnic table.

When purchasing a canopy, it's a good idea not to scrimp. Don't be too frugal. Like the saying goes..."You get what you paid for." That is so true. A cheap canopy will fall apart with the first strong wind or rain squall. So buy yourself a good canopy. It'll be worth the money invested.

Propane stoves and lanterns are much safer than liquid gas stoves and lanterns. The propane devices don't have the problem of "flare-ups". Flare-ups are extremely dangerous and difficult to get under control. So stick with propane devices.

A well-stocked first aid kit is also a must. Remember to pack important medications or prescriptions.

A shower bag comes in handy, not just for showers, but also for rinsing off dirty pots and pans, cooking utensils, and your hands.

It's a good idea to arrive at your campsite early on the first day. This can help you avoid the problem of campers from nearby campsites setting up their tents in your campsite area. You don't want to get confrontational. That can spoil your whole week-end.

Organization is key. Check your checklist several times and plan well. This will make your camping trip more enjoyable.

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