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Saltwater Fishing: More Water Equals Bigger Fish
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Saltwater fishing is not a beginner’s sport, not by any stretch of the imagination. For one thing, the open water of the ocean leaves lots of room for nearly every species to grow to amazing proportions. The bigger the fish the bigger the fight that he will put up once he is hooked. The location itself is dangerous enough, but the fish make themselves may be even more deadly, especially if a novice fisherman underestimates them.

The fish you would find on a saltwater fishing excursion are notoriously vicious, and some of them have actually claimed the lives of many a fisherman, so make sure that you are aware of what they are actually capable of. Some of these fish are more thrilling to fight than to actually catch, while others are just so elusive that the trick is to find them. Some of the most commonly sought after saltwater fish:

1. Bluefish: Tough, feisty, and ill tempered. All of these words are perfect adjectives for the bluefish. They will bite anything that comes near them so catching them is usually not the hard part. Bluefish travel in groups so if you have landed one, there is a bigger chance that you will pull in another. Bluefish have sharp teeth- do not reach into his mouth to retrieve your hook with your fingers, use pliers!

2. Flounder and Halibut: Both species are flattish fish, with the halibut giving you more of a fight than the flounder. Both are considered to be excellent eating.

3. Striped Trout: One of the trickiest fish in the sea, the striped trout will only hit on what he has a taste for that day, which will most likely be the bait you do not have with you. If you do get one on the line, he will give a good fight, enough to be satisfying but not death defying.

4. Bonefish: Easily spooked, but almost equally easily cooked, the bonefish if lightning fast and can give quite a fight once he is on the line.

5. Tarpon: If you are after big fish, the tarpon may be your target. Do not think that you will hook a tarpon, set your hook and then reel him in like a sunfish. These are big boys, they like to fight, and are exhausting to even the experienced fisherman. Add to the fact that most tarpon are found near sharks who will have no problem whatsoever of nibbling on your hooked fish, you will find yourself one thrilling prospect indeed.

6. Finally, Sharks: While some shark subspecies are protected because of their endangered status, others are perfectly legal for continued fishing. Remember though, no matter how small a shark appears to be, he is still a vicious fighter and should be considered to be dangerous.

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