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Searching For Gold? ‘tis Easier To Find Gold Than You May Think
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Gold seekers abound today, as our world sees the price of gold rocketing upward. People out of work see finding gold as a useful way to take some of the bite out of their unemployment situation. And the prospect of looking for the stuff is just plain exciting.

At the same time, many others who would like to try their hand at gold prospecting hold off for lack of knowledge of where and how to look. Or they think they will face ridicule from family or friends as they embark on a “wild goose chase.” No matter. What I will show here is that it is not beyond the capability of the newbie gold seeker to get into the “yaller stuff” fairly easily.

I am speaking as one who has enjoyed this delightful hobby for at least 30 years. I got a LOT of great exercise, and I have my little vials of gold to show off. And what I have learned, directly from my own experience and from my research, is that gold is a lot more dispersed on this earth than many realize.

The odds are good that you yourself have walked over gold bearing material without your even knowing it. In the US, for example, “wild” gold is present in almost every state in the Union. Not always in quantities worthwhile to mine, but it’s there.

Here’s an example of what I mean. I found out that the city of Philadelphia is sitting on top of a vast layer of fine gold bearing material. It’s down a number of feet, and you would have to move and sort through an unbelievable amount of material to get any real volume, but old time cellar diggers discovered it years ago. Who would have thunk it?

A whole lot of gold gets carried down to the lowlands from high up in gold bearing mountains and deposits it in localities a long ways from its places of origin. For example, some people pan for gold in Wichita, Kansas and in Oklahoma. The Republican River from Colorado runs through these places and carries its load of gold specks clear to the Mississippi River.

Of course, if you are serious about searching for gold that you can retrieve and bring home to show off, you have to follow one basic rule - go for gold where it has been found before. This means areas where gold can still be legally sought and captured in quantities sufficient to please the novice gold hunter.

The yellow treasures can be readily found (USA) in New England, Virginia and the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, the upper Midwest, South Dakota, Georgia, Texas, the Rocky Mountain states, the Pacific Northwest and, of course Alaska. (My apologies if I left anybody out). And if it is gold coins you want, the beaches of Florida are legendary.

Lots of gold panning opportunities can be accessed in gold bearing areas where commercial operations have been set up to accommodate tourists. For a modest fee, you can get basic panning and digging instructions and all the gold you find, you can keep. The California Motherlode country has lots of these, as well as in the Carolinas and other some other East Coast spots..

Mining clubs are scattered around the country, and they often have gold panning outings for their members. The neophyte can easily join and get great instruction and camaraderie, and maybe some yellow stuff, too.

Once you have access to a gold bearing stream or patch of ground, you still have to learn how to read the river to know where the gold tends to settle out. Good instruction and practice with basic simple tools will improve your skills and it won’t take you long to discover and capture your own wild gold.

Now, go find that gold and get your share!

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