So You've Sign Up To One Club Now What?
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So you heard about this whole One Club thing at Wendover and thought you’d give it a try. You signed up, signed in and now you’ve got your shiny silver star with a big ol’ zero in the middle of it.

So … now what?

Well, the short answer is to have fun, because with a One Club membership, the more fun you have, the more fun you’re able to have.

Let’s look at One Club as if it’s a real, physical club.


Not being a member of One Club is like standing out on the sidewalk, hearing all the noise of people having tons of fun inside the club. You are intrigued by what you hear, and want in on what sounds like an amazing time.

The great thing about One Club is there is no lineup to stand in and there’s no doorman to get past. You simply sign up and you’re in the door and you’re already in the Member area.

The Member area of One Club is populated by all your favorite casino games. You grab yourself some chips, walk over to the roulette wheel, place your bet and win! You’ve not only won yourself some money, you’ve also gained yourself some One Club points just by playing.

You’re feeling especially lucky today, so you place some more bets. Great idea, because not only do you win more money, you earn more One Club points the more you play.

And what’s this? You get a text on your phone and it’s a free hotel stay offer given only to One Club members. Sweet!


Every time you walk into this new, amazing club you’ve joined, you can’t help but notice that there is a small staircase on the far side of the room with a velvet rope across it at the top. That’s the VIP section and once you visit the Member area enough times and earn enough points, you’re given the privilege of walking up those steps.

The doorman gives you a nod and a smile as he lifts the velvet rope away and you step into the VIP section. Drink it all in because you’ve earned it … all while having fun and winning chips.

For your first foray into the VIP section, you feel like a round of blackjack. The cards keep coming up for you and you’re hitting and staying at all the right times. The dealer can only look on in disbelief at your almost psychic ability to know what moves to make to add to your ever-growing pile of chips.

Again, not only are you winning, but you’re earning points while you do it. And not just points, but free stuff, too. Have a free golf pass, you VIP. And here’s an invitation to a special event that mere players aren’t privy to. But you? You’re a VIP. That’s why you get the invitation.


Most clubs only have two levels; Member and VIP. But not One Club. At One Club, there are still three more tiers to go!

You play some more games, bask in your success and when you’ve earned enough points, you stroll on over to the next small set of steps and up into the Celebrity tier. As you approach, people are snapping photos of you, asking for your autograph and whispering to their friends “Hey, isn’t that …?!?”

Welcome to the Celebrity section of One Club. It can be tiring being so successful, so you decide to sit at the slots for a while and work your magic there, all while piling up those winnings and One Club points.

You stop by a kiosk to play a game there and you automatically get a bonus swipe at the kiosk. Even the machines know you’re a big deal here!

Being a Celebrity certainly has its perks.


There is a difference between some people knowing who you are and everyone knowing who you are. Having accumulated enough points, you saunter over to the next set of steps.

Now, you don your sunglasses as you face a wall of paparazzi flashes. Your bodyguard shields you from the throng of fans screaming your name and reaching out to touch you.

You are now Famous.

The casino host himself comes over to shake your hand and give you a personal invitation to that night’s premier event and fulfill whatever request you have.

Your bodyguard clears a path to the craps table so you can roll some dice. You get on a roll yourself and ride it until you’ve made yourself a hefty pile of chips. But, not only have you racked up a stack of chips that look like a city skyline, you’ve also garnered even more One Club points.

And that’s when you strut over to the last set of steps as people peer at you in disbelief and talk about you in hushed tones. You mount the steps and enter the realm of …


Your mere presence fills the room, as your mythical status precedes you.

You tell the casino host that you’ll be needing tickets to that night’s Utah Jazz game, plus ski passes for the next day and that when you checkout, you plan on taking it slow, so you’ll be needing a later checkout time. It’s all arranged seamlessly for you and you’re told the time your limousine will be picking you up for the game.

Want to visit the Salt Lake City Day Spa on the house? You got it. Complimentary Lagoon, Hogle Zoo and Aquarium passes? No problem for a legend like you. You’ve reached that state where snapping your fingers gets you most anything you desire. Go ahead, try it.

You sit down at a poker table and exchange nods with your fellow legendary peers. The cards are dealt and the game commences and the One Club points just keep on accumulating ...

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