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Sports Betting: A Financial Alternative
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So, let me ask you a question: how is your financial position doing right now? If you are like most people, you are struggling, if not a lot, at least a little, and the future is not full of sunshine and roses.

If you are like me, growing up, you were taught the following things about money:

  • Social Security will be broke and long gone by the time you reach the age to draw on it. Therefore count on funding your own retirement, so start saving now.
  • Always invest your money in solid financial companies through the stock market.
  • Real Estate is the smartest investment ever.
  • You can trust banks to hold your money, pay you interest on it and be there when you need them.
  • Never, ever, ever risk your money gambling on sporting events, poker or other games of chance.

So how is that working out for us now?

  • Social Security is still going broke and will be done by the time I, at least, will retire. I started saving, but between the truly abysmal savings rates offered and the stock market things I talk about in the next couple bullet points, all I can say is…Really?
  • I’ve invested in the stock market through my 401k’s, IRA’s and brokerage accounts just about my entire life. I have made money, and then lost most of it at least twice now. Ultimately, I figure I have gotten out about what I have put in. In other words I invested all my savings for about a 0% annual return. Take inflation into account and I’ve probably lost 40% of the money I’ve invested.
  • I bought a house, love the house. Now it’s this big herckin’ ball and chain tied to my financial future. The mortgage is much higher than I’m comfortable with, but I can’t even think about selling or refinancing, because I’m underwater on the mortgage.
  • The banks. Pfft… I don’t even want to talk about it!
  • So if everything else I’ve been told about is just wrong, I decided to take another look at gambling.

Thats when I started looking at things like poker, roulette, black jack and craps, basically the games of chance. Now I know there are professional gamblers who can make big money with poker and black jack, but they have systems and skills that I don’t have and probably couldn’t acquire. As for the other “games of chance” it began quickly very obvious that the only way to win at those was to be the house.

So that left sports betting. I looked around and quickly found a system that claimed to win 90+% of their bets. Being the nerd I am, I set up a spreadsheet and ran the numbers. The results looked very promising, but only if they could deliver on the advertised win rate.

Figuring that this was no bigger gamble than plunking down some money on a dot com company I never heard of, I went ahead and subscribed to this sports betting system, and began testing things out. The results I garnered are nothing less than staggering. I did win over 90% of the bets I placed and looking at the season in total, I enjoyed a 50% return on my investment, counting the subscription fees. And that was just for one NBA season.

I’ve had similar success before in the stock market, real estate and even the foreign exchange market, so I need to do more testing on this sports betting system. However, my initial analysis is that sports betting, with the right system, is more lucrative, less risky and offers a more satisfying return that just about any other financial investment available today.

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