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Well for one thing I can say for myself that placing bets on teams is a very risky thing to do not knowing if the team you bid on will actually win. So you are just pretty trapped into a 50/50 situation. I remember some time ago when I had a bet against one of my best friends about a super bowl. Now it was the undefeated patriots going up against the giants. I put up 30 saying the patriots was surely going to win he being a die heart giants fan put up 30 as well. I thought it was the best bet I have ever did in my life it felt as if my friend was giving his 30 dollars away being nice. Little did I know the pats got their behind handed to them and they lost and I was also out of 30 bucks.

Now say this their are so many different sports that you can put bets on. With in my opinion college sports is one of the most hardest things to predict because all of the cinderella stories that is always happening. I also tried some of the online websites where you can place bids on games online I one some and lost some but I did not take it that serious. It was just a hobby to make the game more interesting or something to spend my free money on which was not that much.

If you want to know some tips I will give you some maybe you like betting on sports as a hobby or take it very serious maybe these tips can help you chances out as well. First of all if you in it to make some money you must definitely do your research on the teams. Know the team tendencies in big games how the team is doing coming into the game is they on their hot streak are is they on a cold streak coming into the game ? How the players is are their any injuries that you may not know about. Where is the game being played at is your team at home, away, or at a neutral site? You much do the research on things that influence your team. Plus during your research will give you more confidence when you place a bet.

This other tip os very important never place all of your betting money on one bet. If you do this you will get eating up and spit out like a piece of gum. You must manage your money carefully in the betting game. It is really the difference from you having money in your pocket or owning and dodging people that you owe and having credit card debt from placing bets on the Internet believe me that is the kind of problems that you do not want to have. I would say you put a little money over here and have a little money over their you know keep thing stable. Either win or lose you will still be able to pay off if you lose the bets.

Now the last one for today is I would not advice you to bet for your favorite team always. Just because they your favorite team you should not bets on them. I can not tell how all of the times that my favorite teams have let me down not only is you mad that your team lost but you is also down in the dumps because you still have to pay up now that a sick feeling. Please do not bet against your favorite team either because if you love your teams like I do you might have the money but you still feel like you have just cut off your other favorite team due to the like of trust you have in them. Those are my three tips for now hope that they help you in some kind of way keep on coming back and I will discuss with you some other tips and advice I have learned on sports betting thank you for you time!

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