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Trap Shooting Tips For Learning To Shoot With Both Eyes Open
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Do I shoot one eye or two?  This is a very touchy subject as alot of shooters like you and me have battled this question over and over in our minds.  My issue is cross dominant eyes which means i shoot right handed but my left eye is dominant.  This troubled me for a long time, shooting with one eye shut most of the time and cross firing when I would try both open.  I always felt like I was at a disadvantage and wouldn't be able to shoot the scores with some of the top shooters.  Well, in this article I will tell you the steps i cooked up to help me switch to shooting with two eyes.  Now this was a timely process with some hurdles to over come but i had both eyes open through this whole process.  The first step is you have to be committed to shooting with two eyes and not shut one to bring ur score back up, cause it will fall for a few practices!

Step 1:   The Call and Squint.    While thinking of a way to train my brain to see dominantly through my right eye I knew i had to take it slow and fully commit to it.  So my first move was to call for the bird with both eyes open then squint my left eye (i'm a right handed shooter with a dominant left eye) when moving to intercept the bird.  This gave me the depth perception and perepheal vision of two eyes at bird launch but the blurring from the squint made my right eye dominant to make the shot.  This will let the brain get used to the relationship of the barrel and the bird through the sight of the shooting eye.  I did this for about a month before switching to the next step.  This does take a little to get used to it but the final outcome is well worth it.

Step 2:    Clear Scotch Tape.    You have probably heard of this before but i did it differently than what most people suggest.  I did'nt block out the view of the bird but just the view of the sight bead from my left eye.  This requires shooting glasses and some help from another person.  I shoulder the gun as i normally would then had another shooter take a small strip of clear tape and place it over the left lense of my glasses twards the nose piece.  But just enough to blur out the sight bead of my gun to my left eye.  This was a great improvement over the squint since you have both eyes open for the whole shot. You now have full concept of the bird without the view of the sight bead from the left eye to cause a cross fire.  The only down fall to this is that right angles are blurred out by the tape. Since i'm already used to shooting with one eye this dont make much difference.  Plus not having to squint is one less worry during the shooting process allowing you to concentrate on the shot instead of squinting.  I did this for about a month.

Step 3:   Remove The Tape and Add A Sight blinder.    Ahhh finally.  Remove the tape and clean your lense!  In this step I made a sight blinder out of an old credit card and some double sided sticky tape.  Take the credit card and cut it long ways down to about 3/4".  Fold the 3/4" wide strip in half long ways and hold it for a few seconds to allow the plastic to hold its memory.  Now open it back up till it forms an "L" shaped right angle.  Once again this takes the help of a friend.  Shoulder the gun as normal and have the friend take the card and place it on the top of the rib right in front of the front bead with the flat of the card on the rib.  Shut your shooting eye and have them slide the card up the rib untill the view of the bead is blocked out from the view of the non-shooting eye.  Take a dry erase marker and mark the front and back of the card on top of the rib.  Take the double sided tape and attach it to the card on the side that touches the rib and then attach the card to the gun between the marks. Be sure and color the card to match your gun. This is similar to the tape deal by obstructing the view of the bead from the non-shooting eye, but without any disruption of the bird.  By this time my brain adopting to the barrel-to-bird relationship of the right eye.  Now I have a pure view of the trap house, bird, and background without the chance of a cross fire.  I only did this for about two weeks before removing it.

Step 4:    Go For It!    My main reason for taking all this time to complete this process was that I knew it was going to take some time for my brain to get used to the right eye making the shot.  By slowly introducing my left eye it just kept getting better with each step.  Although I removed the blinder I don't think it's a necessity since the view of the bird has no disruptions what so ever.  But I started hating that ugly card on my gun.

Retraining your brain to shoot with both eyes is a time consuming truely dedicating process.  Some trap shooters can just do it,  Not Me!  I had to find a way to switch over for myself.  I am still shooting with both eyes and it is so much clearer than before.  My shots are quicker and more consistant.  This can be frustrating but don't give in and go back to one eye to raise your score as this will waste any effort you have been puttin in it.  If this process does not work for you don't give up.  Develope your own solution thats suits you.  And if you can't convert, look up shooters like Nora Ross and see what they have done shooting with one eye.  I hope you found some options in this article to help you through your frustrating journey and good luck!  If I can do it you can do it.

Smoke'em all.

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