Where To Find Pro Scooter Parts For Replacing Old Parts Or Customizing A New Scooter
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Any professional scooter rider or serious hobbyist will need to upgrade to better pro scooter parts for a leaner, meaner tricks, including bar spins, lookback rides and pole grabs. Here are a few of the parts you can find at your local professional scooter dealer.

1. Scooter Bars

Scooter bars are vertical tubes that run straight down the front of the scooter and connect with a horizontal cross bar at the top. If you need a new scooter bar, ask a sales rep to help measure the correct size for your new bar. The height and bar width can be adjusted according to the preference of the rider, types of tricks performed and the rider’s size and experience. The bar width should equal your shoulder width or more, and the height should measure from the top of the horizontal cross bar to where the clamp meets the steering tube.

2. Scooter Forks

The scooter fork helps hold the scooter bar in place. It consists of the steerer tube, fork crown and zero offset. The steerer tube holds the top of the scooter bar in place, while the scooter fork crown, located at the bottom of the steerer tube, keeps the crown race, at the bottom of the headset, in place. Your pro scooter parts specialist can install a zero offset, which is placed underneath the scooter’s steering column. This helps you perform bar spins and “hang fives” effortlessly.

3. Scooter Decks

There are two basic types of scooter decks. A standard scooter deck is used with threaded or threadless scooter headsets, and is compatible with threadless or threaded scooter forks. Standard pro scooter decks are fitted with threadless or threaded headsets. The headset cups are placed in the scooter’s head tubes with a headset press. An integrated pro scooter deck is fitted with headset cups of the same texture and color that are integrated in the head tube. Integrated scooter decks can only be used with threadless pro scooter forks.

4. Scooter Clamps

Pro scooters can be fitted with standard or oversized clamps. Standard clamps can’t be used on aluminum scooter bars. Any scooter bar with a 1 ¼ inch outside diameter can use a standard clamp. Oversized clamps are used on bars with an outside diameter of 1 3/8 inches. They are recommended for oversized scooter bars and are also used on aluminum scooter bars with the same outside diameter.

Inward Scooters offers a wide selection of pro scooter parts for all major brands, including Fasen, Crisp, Lucky and Sacrifice. We can replace parts on your old scooter or build you a new custom scooter. And, of course, we have complete scooters out of the box if you prefer a new pre-made scooter. Call us at 214-310-0212 for a list of our latest inventory.

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