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I love the outdoors. I have some property in the middle of the woods where I go to relax. In fact, it's the only place I really can relax. At home, it's the computer, the phone, someone at the door, chores to do. You know the game.

My property is in eastern Oregon. It has a fabulous treehouse that operates on solar and propane. You could actually live in this treehouse. A friend built it for me. I have great friends. The property has a landing strip that another friend built for me. I've brought up campers and trailers so I can occasionally invite friends and they have a place to stay. Now, my husband would rather stay home so I count on my friends for company - once in a while. Don't get me wrong, my husband & I are deeply in love. We just don't share some of the the same interests, that's all. That's a good thing. I think some absence makes you appreciate each other more.

Anyway, back to being in the woods. It's awesome. I've gone to my property by myself many, many times. I can take pretty good care of myself. I don't need a gun because first of all, I don't really know how to use it. I once shot a "digger" squirrel. People in eastern Oregon consider them big rats. He was eating up the brand new plywood I just brought up to build a deck. I only injured him with my shot and I watched him flop all over the place. So, I finally walked right up to him and shot him in the head to put him out of his misery. I never shot a gun again. It didn't feel good. In fact, it felt terrifble. I'd much rather shoot with a camera.

I've seen a herd of elk run across the runway, seen flocks of wild turkey with their chicks, owls tipping their giant wings to fly between trees, cougar chasing deer for dinner - it's all awesome. Often, it's just me and the beautiful wild life. I don't need a privacy wall so others won't bother me or the help of some outdoorsman like Aaron Inman to protect me. I'm free in the woods. I feel safer by myself in the woods than I do at home.

If you have never spent a night in the woods by yourself, do it. I'm serious. Do it. There's nothing like it. The first time I stayed by myself, I was scared to death. After that, I couldn't wait to do it again. I love life. For me, life only seems to get better with age. Does it for you?

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