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Advantages Of Being A Mature Student At University
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Advantages Of Being A Mature Student At University

Although many students decide to attend university straight from school or after a gap year, an increasing number of people decide to apply to study for a degree as a mature student. If you decide to return to education as a mature student it's a very different experience from attending straight after A-Levels. This doesn’t mean if you decide to study later that you’re likely to have an unpleasant experience, quite the opposite. There are many advantages to studying for a degree later in life – some of these are listed below:

Don’t have school burnout: Some students who attend university straight from school arrive with a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation, but then find they’re suffering from school burnout having put so much into their A Level studies. A mature student who has been working is likely to have a fresher approach to studying.

Focussed and motivated: Mature students have generally made the decision to attend university through their own choice and are often more focussed and motivated. They have a clear idea why they have chosen a particular course and what outcomes they expect at the end of it. That’s not to say that younger students are never motivated but some certainly don’t think ahead about what they will do after uni.

Greater maturity: Of course it’s not always true that the older you are the greater maturity you have but with greater experience of life, many mature students are able to address and overcome problems that arise more quickly.

Self discipline: Although many students arrive at university with a lot of self-discipline having studied for their A Levels, mature students often have an advantage in that they are used to juggling more issues in their lives, such as work, family and social life and have the self discipline to complete their work and manage the rest of their life without getting side-tracked by other issues.

More confidence: Many mature students have more confidence than some of their young counterparts simply because of their life experience. They are more likely to ask tutors for help if they need it and are less likely to be concerned with looking foolish if they ask a question or express an opinion. They are also less likely to be intimidated by their tutors as they meet them as adults on an equal footing.

More self awareness: As well as more confidence mature students often have greater self awareness in understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and how these impact on their studies.

Popular with lecturers: Mature students can be very popular with lecturers as they often display less stress about course work and don’t create as many dramas. Mature students often leave university with a better class of degree.

Can make friends easily: Although mature students can be seen as ‘old’ they are often very popular with their peers as they are not seen as competition in affairs of the heart or social activities. They’re different experience is often welcomed and they can find themselves as a confidant of many secrets.

Summary If you don’t go to university straight from school and decide to attend later as a mature student, there are always going to be advantages and disadvantages. From personal experience I found that the advantages far outweighed the disadvantages but each individual has to think about their own context, expectations and what they will gain.

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