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When I say “job search”, what are the first names that come to your mind? Seek? Student Job search? The regional recruitment agency? This has now changed. CV-See-Me is the new, revolutionary job search website that is keeping with the best and, whether you’re an employer or employee, is sure to give you exactly what you need. This link will take you there now.

The modern job market is useless. Jobs in the 21st century require employees to interact constantly with co-workers, customers and competitors. This is the social century. Yet when candidates are employed, they use CVs with black ink on white paper and list their qualifications and what they believe themselves to be.

Not only is this highly deceptive to employers (I could say that I have a sparkling personality on my CV and then turn out to be a gloomy, anti-social narcissist in reality) but it doesn’t give the employer the information that they’re looking for. Does a list of qualifications really shows how you’d react if a disgruntled customer complained to you? No, not at all. In fact, CVs have had the following problems occur to thousands of potential employees around the world. These include:

* "I don't get my personality across in my CV"

* “There are so many questions I'd like to ask the employer before I commit time"

* "I don't know where all the jobs are being offered"

* "My CV looks boring how can I make it look more attractive?"

* "I'm finding it difficult to know what to put in my CV"

Therefore you can see that the world is changing dramatically but CVs are still the same as they were 20 years ago. This is frustrating for everybody. It doesn’t make sense that you need to spend hours writing a boring, lack-lustre CV that is just going to be dumped on top of another pile with hundreds of others that look exactly the same. Even with your amazing, unique personality, the employer does not see this and it doesn’t even come into their decision making process. But it should right?

CV-See-Me is trying to combat this exact problem in the market. Basically, CV-See-Me is a website that acts as a portal between employers and potential employees (they are called candidates on the site). The candidates register with the website and are able to fill-in a CV template with all the necessary information that they normally would put on a CV. However, they also provide the ability to upload your very own, unique video clip that is able to portray your personality in a way that no other CV can. On top of this, candidates have the ability to upload photos of themselves, attachments such as a scanning of painting and certificates or anything that candidates believe will add power to their CV. There is also a chat ability, in which candidates can chat to the people who posted the job before you even meet them.

CV-See-Me is the Facebook of employment and job searching.

The advantages of CV-See-Me are as follows:

* CVs become more powerful and actually shows-off your personality.

* Once the CV is active, it can be seen by every possible employer who works in the same industry that you’re interested in.

* “You look for the job while the job looks for you”. The candidate can scroll through all of the job posts on the website while the employer looks through all of the CVs. This increases your chances of being noticed.

* It is very much a CV that Gen-Y suits the needs and skills of Gen-Y

The website is constantly developing to keep up with the trends of the job market. One can place full confidence that the website will act as a vessel to get the candidate in the job that they’re looking for. At this stage, it is recommended that you have a look at the website to see if it will suit your needs. An opportunity to improve your chances of employment: wouldn’t it be a travesty to miss out?

By Danny Cloete

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