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What Can Be Recycled - Recycling Centers And Curbside Recyling
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What can be Recycled

by Arthur Gordon

How many times have we heard that every individual should recycle.  We hear this at work, at home, at school, from our friends and family, and on the news.  Everyone knows that we should recycle.  However, many people still are not clear on what can be recycled. 


All plastic containers are typically marked with a code number from 1 through 7.  These codes only identify the plastic type.  They do not determine what plastic items will be recycled.  However, different municipalities have different standards for recycling.  While your local municipality may accept these plastic items in curbside recycling programs, they may not actually be recycled.  The important thing is to find out from your local recycling agency what is acceptable for recycling in your town or city.  It is also important to sort out the plastic containers that you have been charged for at the time of purchase.  If you do not, then you will be literally throwing your money away.  Upon taking your plastic containers to the local recycling agency, you will be given a rebate based upon the weight of the plastic containers which can be redeemed at the designated supermarket.


All glass is typically accepted by local curbside recycling programs.  As with plastic, it is important to find out from your local recycling agency what is acceptable for recycling in your town or city.  Since you are charged for most glass containers at the time of purchase, please make sure you do not place these items into the bins provided by your local recycling agency or else you will be throwing your money away.  Also, when you do take your glass to a local recycling agency, make sure to sort it by color since each bottle color will be weighed individually and you will receive a rebate based upon the weight of your recyclables which typically can be redeemed inside the supermarket designated by the recycling program.


Although we typically think of newspapers only, most if not all paper products can be recycled, including printer paper and cardboard packaging.  However, paper packaging contaminated by food cannot be recycled.  Please check with your local recyling agency to see if there is a food scrap and food paper packaging program which can accept these items. 

Recycling Centers v. Curbside Recycling

Recycling Centers are usually located in most neighborhoods throughout your community.  They will accept just about any plastic, glass and paper items you may bring.  Curbside recycling programs are becoming very common in most areas.  Typically, a large bin is provided to each homeowner to deposit their household recyclables.  The only items you want to exclude are those items which you have been charged for such as beer and soda bottles as well as food scraps and food paper packaging items which cannot be recycled.  Remember, check with your local recyling agency to determine if your community has a local recycling program for food scraps and food paper packaging.  A little effort by all of us can go a long way in reducing our waste stream and helping to conserve valuable resources.  

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