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8 Ways To Get Him To Beg You To Take Him Back
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You have just experienced a breakup and are most likely grieving for the lost relationship you had with your ex. You and everyone else in your social circle thought this was it. At the moment the thought of ways to get him back are passing through your mind. I'm about to divulge 8 ways that you can put into action to get him to beg you to take him back. Once you read through this short article, you will know more techniques to get him back.

This advice is really just common sense that you already have, but may be clouded by how you feel about the breakup. They will all be necessary if you have plans on getting back together.

1. You will have to spend some time apart. 30 days is a good amount of time and is usually recommended. During this month you need to be doing some soul searching to find out exactly what went wrong in your relationship. Do not play the blame game here, just find out what the problem is that resulted in you both breaking up.

2. Once the initial moth is up, get in contact with your ex and apologize for your part in the breakup. Show some sincerity here and really mean you are sorry, and he most likely will give his own apology. Say you are sorry and mean it!

3. Now, if he does not give you an apology for his part of the breakup, do not lose hope. Get out and enjoy life with your friends and family. Have fun! If he sees you having fun and going out, he may get a bit jealous. If he brings this up, just ask why he upset that your enjoying life. Let him go stomping off being upset, but he may just start thinking about the relationship he shared with you.

4. Now, on the off chance he sees you, make sure he sees you at your best, I mean drop dead gorgeous best. Looking your best also provides you with a side benefit...confidence! You need this confidence in order to get him to take beg you to be back in his life.

5. when you first breakup you will have do whatever you can to not think about what happened. Get involved with something to keep your mind busy, volunteer, take up a hobby or learn something new.

6. Start to exercise regularly and get on a healthy diet. We all can lose a few pounds now and then and we definitely could use the exercise to tone us up.

7. Your two top enemies to getting back together will be stress and angry. Learn a few new techniques to deal with these destructive emotions and to keep you from making the mistakes that lead to your breaking up. If you need to, seek out a councilor who can walk you through things.

8. Do not rush, just make a plan and stick with it. Plan the things you want to change in the relationship and the things you will say to him once you are talking again. Get in front of your mirror and practice saying the things you wish to say, it is a good technique that will help your conversation flow more easily.

These 8 ways to get him to beg you to take him back are leading you in the right direction for a more positive relationship if you plan on getting back together with your ex boyfriend.

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