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Accept, Tolerate Or Reject “the Behavior”
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Trying to study my case, I have realized that up till a while back I have been part of a dysfunctional couple, in which we may or may not have fought, but we did hold onto grudges. We have let things build up way too much. Do you know what is the biggest problem that, such a couple is facing? If you would analyze it closely, you would notice that it’s all about, resentment. The more it builds up, the more it affects our perception of our partner.

Unfortunately, I have given more than I have received. It did get to me at times, but I kept letting it go, because he used to tell me that in a relationship we shouldn`t count favors. Giving more than you receive is fine, but only as long as it’s done in moderation. But, over time, and especially after years and years of such treatment, it’s hard not to keep a score.

Unlike other women, I never expected him to take care of me and to offer me what others didn`t, so he never had to worry about that. But having that said, I did expect him to offer me, my share of respect and affection. Do you this that was wrong of me? Was it within my right to have such expectations? He definitely didn`t think it was.

If you will accept the behavior, you have to accept it for good. No arguments. Just accept it. Swallow it up! For a while, I gave too much and accepted too much. More than anyone should have. Your man might not wanna go out with you or he may not wanna listen to you. So, for this, you either not complain about his actions, accept the way he is, or you try to manipulate him to change. Accepting it, means no complains, don`t even bring it up. Just get over it.

Tolerating the behavior is the worse choice that you could make. My personal advice is to please avoid it at all cost. I have tried it, and, it didn`t get me anywhere. His behavior bothered me and hoped it would go away. I was hinting it to him that it’s bothering me, I was nagging about it, and that is the worse for a man to receive.

When a woman tolerates more than she can take, and she can`t get over such a behavior, contempt is what her man will get, and, when contempt enters a relationship, you know that it’s close to an end. When your man will begin to complain about the fact that you are nagging all the time, then, you know that you have entered this phase, and, it’s time for you to do something about it: accept it or reject it.

Rejecting the behavior – as you may know very well, there are times when a woman would do anything to get her man’s attention. This means that many end up leaving their man, and, this is better, than not saying anything, and allowing the resentment to invade their life. This is the final touch and the best that you could choose in such cases.

So here is my request, which will benefit only you. – Promise yourself that you will never allow resentment to grow in your heart toward anyone. Learn how to deal with a conflict. You have three options: Accept, Tolerate or Reject “the behavior”.

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